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  1. ALL212
    engrish transrashon...

    Start - Run - cmd
    Type "robocopy" Enter
    it's already there because you're using it...

    Some of the usb hard drives come with backup software - LaCie has some decent stuff that seemed to work. I don't remember many options - just pick what you want where and schedule it.
  2. SCompRacer
    m r ducs
    m r nut
    m r 2 - c m wangs
    y m r ducs


    them are ducks...
    them are not
    them are too, see them wings
    why them are ducks
  3. ALL212
    My battery powered tube pre has shipped...

    More news later!!
  4. heiney9
    Sweet A2!

    I try to offer up any audio I'm going to sell here, before I put it in the FM. I have too many tube integrated amps it's time to let one go. The Norh SE9 is an EL34 based single ended 9wpc full tube integrated amp. It uses (2) EL34's; 2(12AX7's); and a single 5AR4 (GZ34) rectifier. Any interest shoot me a PM and we can talk futher. I also have an assortment of tubes available at additional cost that really make it sound special.

  5. SCompRacer
    My battery powered tube pre has shipped...

    Kewl! Keep some jumper cables handy.

    Nice integrated Brock.
  6. ALL212

  7. heiney9
    Giggity, giggity!
  8. SCompRacer
    I found an old timer near me to test my tubes before I sell them with the ModWright pre. Like $2 each. He had Sencores and a Hickok 533. Wife long passed away, house looks like an episode of hoarders. Aisles to walk through on the main floor. He repaired 20's to 40's radio. Nothing new he tells me, the 50's had no Radios, tube testers, display cases with radio parts/tubes, work bench in middle of living room. Saw the strangest tuner in my life. Like wide fixed large bracelets, smaller ones inside that pivoted. We shared info, like whats going on in audio today and old radios.

    I figured I'd be there a half hour, spent all afternoon there. Quite a different way to spend the day. I gotta find more tubes and go back?.
  9. ALL212
    Quick - get him a PC and make him a member!!!

    Sounds like a good time - glad you could find someone like that.

    Last Spoiler for awhile - parts coming in from Canada...
  10. SCompRacer
    glad you could find someone like that.

    Did a search for boob, I mean tube testers in my area. An antique radio site popped up with repair references. I shot him an email and got a reply.

    You tease...kewl project. I ordered the parts for my isolator/reclocker boards that are being made. Gonna tap my master DAC's Crystek clock signal using U.Fl coax and replace the I2S source clock. Dis cuts da jitter to extremely low levels after the isolator. Isolation alone adds jitter, whether by chip or transformer coupled. I get two boards, one using the faster Potato chips. (Not the kind you eat, or should anyway).

    I'm also going to remove one output board, leaving just one output board. There are some mods that have to be made as you double the current into the board which increases the output level. The I/V stage converts the current output DAC to voltage output. I'll also add another digital switch to choose between my two I2S input sources.
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