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  1. SCompRacer
    Got holes drilled today for remounting things in the DAC. Gotta make two harness's to parallel the DAC outputs and connect to the single output board. Since I am removing one output board, I have an extra bipolar power supply. Rather than remove it, I'll remove jumpers off the remaining output board so I can power each channel separately. I'm kind of excited about this revision. I'll be fully discrete in output now. I'll also have headphone out capabilities if I install a jack; it will power up to 250mA dynamic cans IIRC. Might go out side panel near front with jack rather than drill my front panel. What does Aaron think?

    This also means I have more parts to build another single an extra bipolar PS...just need a DAC board and PS for it.
  2. ALL212
    You're assuming, of course, that Aaron has the ability or even the capability to think. It's quite possible he just wings it! I see another acronym...WDAT? Followed quickly by DAT?

    Yes! Put the jack in but don't come out the front panel. It's a work of art, no need to drill there. Watcha got for cans?
  3. SCompRacer
    I don't much in the way of cans. Some old Denon which aside from the foam falling off and being broke, sound pretty decent. A pair of wireless phones but not high on the quality scale.

    My dear wife's allergies have worsened from foods, meat/poultry. She is now allergic to common things found in most household items. Soaps (hand, laundry), perfumes, lotions, toothpaste, etc. What a pain. Have to find non-allergy stuff for everything. She can't have or burn scented candles. Has to get rid of her 5 foot tall Jasmine tree before it blooms. We drag that inside every fall/winter. She is pretty bummed. She is taking 4 bags of stuff to the daughter to use.
  4. ALL212
    It's a Quickie!

    Parts came down from Canada quicker than I thought so last night I finished her up. Microphonic as HELL with it being a $100 kit but there remedies for that. Just stay away from it and move slowly when you turn up the volume. The tubes aren't even warm to the touch - I spent a little bit trying to troubleshoot that . Batteries are supposed to last about 100 hours so it's not too bad. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with it!

  5. dkg999
    The last battery powered tube pre I saw had the tube heaters powered by 110v and the rest of the circuit powered by the batteries, IIRC. I always thought the voltage and amperage required by the tube heaters was beyond the capabilities of batteries? That's why the old tube AM radios in vehicles would drain the battery in nothing flat if left on. But what do I know!

    Aaron - very cool!
  6. ALL212
    These tubes (3S4) use the big D cells to supply the heater volts (1.5+volts) and the 9v's in series to supply 36v to the rest. I guess they used these in portable comm gear in WWII.

    It sounds amazingly good - way beyond what I expected!
  7. SCompRacer
    Kewl project! Nice retro posing too. You can call it.....Pre-AC.
  8. SCompRacer
    Well no casualties... Dual mono, one Legato I/V output board. Just balanced out, R and L channel have separate bi-polar power supplies. No single ended out by choice for now. What this gives me is a full discrete analog out, no op amps. With two output boards you use the R and L channel SE outs for the balanced + and - which go through an op amp. One has to parallel the DAC ouputs to do this.

    What does it do? What the single board does, you still get all the detail but it blends better. With two output boards it is kind of like a recipe where the ingredients stand out. All depends on the presentation you prefer. I'm kind a diggin the discrete out. Not sure if I can power the SE out with one of the two power supplies. No room for another. Might have to put the jumpers back in and power with just one power supply.

  9. ALL212
    Whoa! How many boards you got runnin' around in there?

    Told you to get a bigger case!!
  10. ALL212
    Isn't it time for the Regional Invitational Nation Manditory WorldWide RAS get together? I would like to host - got stuff no one has heard! Sometime in March - next couple of weeks promise to be busy.

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