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Rockford Audio Society

  1. ALL212
    That was fun. Never really rocked the house with the tunes but it was good talking to you guys in person.

    I'd also like to make a personal sacrifice. I will volunteer to be the backup repository for anyones music files. I will test them extensively and insure that they are valid.

  2. SCompRacer
    There were some moments when Pat was doing her thing....not sure if I go to NY in April, but I may schedule something. Maybe get them slackers Jay and Tony to attend.

    Didn't the group have someone for the backup/safe keeping repository already?
  3. ALL212

    duplicate - I couldn't get that to refresh!
  4. agfrost
    Hey! I won't have you badmouthing Tony like that!

  5. agfrost
    Sorry I missed out. Another time...
  6. blakeh
    I think I can rustle up a suppository for you to use, A2 if that's what you really want! ;)

    Thanks for having us over. It was nice to catch up and see people's faces again. Very fun, low-key day with some great refreshments!
  7. ALL212
    I done a bad ting...

    It involves a post from the Dahlquist group...and a pair of speakers with a Green Bay...

    But, my company has a facility just south of Green Bay...he agreed to deliver that far...

    I believe I'm the new owner of yet another pair of Dahlquist DQ-10's in original boxes and the subwoofer that has never been used. Maybe even the stands - $275 delivered (to Kaukauna).
  8. SCompRacer
    Kewl! Don't sound bad to got room for more stuff.

    Ed has the ModWright Sony and is happy. I got one pair of MU6900 tubes left if anyone is interested. Just tested by Brendan at Tube World, says they are like new. Audio show in New York April 13, 14. Gonna try and go with Carl and Ed.
  9. daboyz
    A2 - Did you start tapping into all that booze that was left? Where are you gonna put them?

    Or does that mean you're giving me the Maggies?
  10. heiney9
    Deja-Vu!!!! LMAO! Thanks for having us over it was nice to catch up.
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