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  1. SCompRacer
    That 5Y3 kit? Kewl. I'm all for radical and outrageous. They even have a supply for SB.
  2. heiney9
    Nice grab Rich

    I wanna build a tube rectified squeezebox power supply. I think he's got the parts!

    Yes, yes, it! I want to also. How friggin' cool would that be!!!!
  3. ALL212
    Problem is that all of the products with tube rectifiers are providing tube voltage - 300v+, really not a requirement for my squeezebox products...
  4. SCompRacer
    Not a problem. Do what the power company does. High voltage on the pole, step down transformers to the house. Or really, really, really big water cooled resistors.

    Brushing up on my New York songs....
  5. daboyz
    Did ya'll see? A2 posted on the forum!!!
  6. ALL212
    And now I can buy ALL YOUR JUNK also!!
  7. SCompRacer
    Aaron, buddy, do some solderin' for me? These are my Acko isolation/reclock boards for my Amanero USB/I2S module. Two different flip flop chips used. Larger board for dual Potato chips.

  8. ALL212
    I'm afraid I've some bad news for you...On a good day I can keep the tip of my soldering iron some where within the confines of that dime...on a bad day something within a quarter's diameter!!
  9. ALL212
    I built a new cable for the cans. Read too many things about the stock cable on the HD650's not being up to the job. They were right.

    I think my stuff sounds good but I just went into magic land with the headphone setup. I wrote up the build process and posted in the headphone forum but the sound on these is just amazing. I have listened to The Wall about as much as all the other albums I have had combined and I just ran it again with the headphone setup. The sound is just amazing!!

    The way I have them setup I can't listen to analog but I think that will be the next step. I think I'll also build another cable with the same components, just longer without the techflex.

  10. agfrost
    That's cool to hear, A2. I read your forum post with interest; nice work.

    I've got a lower-level set of Senns (HD555) and they're nice, but I couldn't say that anything is magical with them. Not surprising as I don't have a dedicated headamp and they're a more pedestrian model. Actually, I've been meaning to listen to them powered by my Manley preamp (which doesn't have a headphone out, but I've got a RCA-to-1/4" jack connect to the 2nd set of outputs as EveAnna suggests on the Shrimp page on her site). I can't imagine a time when room acoustics aren't an issue for me, so I remain curious about what a good headphone setup can sound like.

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