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  1. dkg999
    A2 - nicely done, as always! I've got an Antique Sound Labs headphone amp that I cannot even remember which tube is in it. I really don't use it much since moving out of the apartment. I know it makes my Grado SR225's sound very nice. I should probably try another set of enclosed cans.
  2. ALL212
    Sounds like a nice combination! You should blow off the cobwebs and see what it sounds like.
  3. SCompRacer
    eff it all......all for eff....

    If I had a headphone jack in my DAC I'd buy a pair. If I had a nice headphone jack, I'd put one in. Got a nude jack from rat shack...all exposed innards. See a pair of 650's for $315, no box on ebay.
  4. dkg999
    When I was in the apt I used my headphones a lot. The B&K AVR has an excellent headphone mode for movies. Now that I am in the house, I just don't bother with them much. Moving to KC we will be in a duplex for a while, so I'll probably go back to using them at that point. I've just never been a huge headphone fan, I would rather go low volume nearfield listening.
  5. ALL212
    If I had a nice headphone jack


    According to most the 600's sound almost as good as a 650 - 650's not supposed to be worth the extra cost based on that little difference. Wish I'd have read more before I bought mine! 580's are supposed to be a direct ancestor and sound close.
  6. SCompRacer
    If I had a nice headphone jack


    Thanks! Thats the one I was looking at. Sold under different brand names, different places. The Neutrik locking one is functional but looks ugly. I wouldn't use one on front panel anyway. I'll be adding a side headphone input, like under or near/same side panel the remote Arduino USB programming port I installed. (Don't have to remove cover in event of reprogramming).

    Thanks for the Sennheiser dope. Ed may have some cans for sale, I'll check with him too. Lately even low volume listening annoys the wife when she watches TV. The hearing aids tend to pickup everything among other things going on in her life. Her mother broke her ankle/leg in nursing home. Needs surgery for screws/plates. Cardiologist must sign off as she has a poor ticker.
  7. daboyz
    I'm tempted to go the headphone route myself. Initially I'm in the $200 range for cans and a decent amp. Suggestions on which way to go? I'm going to sell the tube buffer since it really doesn't do much for me and I think that the headphone route actually makes alot of sense for me.
  8. ALL212
    Got anything that will take a headphone now? Start with just the cans - you should be able to get a set of HD580's and maybe even HD600's for $200 if you shop wisely.

    See if you like it - then go to an amp.
  9. daboyz
    My receivers will.
  10. SCompRacer
    No complaints, but I felt the Zen needed some changes before I try it. I started to fix some things then went deeper. I moved the board 90 degrees, so no wiring across top of it/shorter output leads. I moved the attenuator closer to front of chassis. I am changing grounding and adding chassis to chassis ground via umbilical. Working on selector switch, someone had that jumpered at rear. PS will be next.



    Progress so far.... I star grounded outputs/attenuator to output side of board. I'll star ground inputs to input side of board. Before they were all over the place and tied in with power ground. There was a ground mistakingly installed between chassis and teflon washer on one of the RCA outputs that had to be fixed.

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