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  1. ALL212

    Bottlehead should be releasing a tubed DAC this year. Will be a kit. Wanna guess what my next (or other) project will be?!
  2. heiney9
    Any details? What tube(s) will it use, etc. Hopefully a novice like me can handle putting it together without electrocuting myself! Very cool.

    EDIT: I see the thread at the bottlehead site.
  3. ALL212
    I don't think they've decided on the kit level yet. If the board comes populated it shouldn't be much more than a power supply and wires?! Level 1 kits are easy, even level 2 isn't too bad. Their documentation is great - easy steps.

    I visit that forum regularly. I'll keep you posted.
  4. daboyz
    What have I missed? Where are all these bannings coming from? Even Nooshie?
  5. heiney9
    I don't know. Some of it looks like political talk, which I don't even bother to read. Politics is not allowed. Otherwise, I don't know what happened.
  6. ALL212
    Ohh....I think that based on the fiasco thread where the rules were reposted - (and that was entertaining!) - almost looked like a practice session for the monitors! I had a very simple post removed - others remarked theirs were gone also.

    That might have been the last straw for awhile anyway.
  7. dkg999
    Rich - saw your note on the 99% isopropryl alchohol. ACE Hardware usually carries gallon jugs of it. That's where I get it to mix up my LP cleaning solution.
  8. SCompRacer
    Thanks for the input Doug. Never thought of looking for it at Ace Hardware. We were regulars at the medical supply place with the mil here and they usually have it so I just kept going back.

    Dana's mom's back in the hospital. The broken leg/ankle repair made a couple weeks ago after a fall at the nursing home ain't holding. Soft bone, screws pulling out. We were referred to another surgeon, but now the mil has pneumonia starting up. Something going on with veins too, foot turning blue. They talked about the A word, as in cut off.
  9. SCompRacer
    On a positive note, great time with Carl and Ed. Jerry's record store in PA is a trip. That retro gear/repair place you could trip with all the stuff on the floor. The guy that owns it is a big Carver fan and gun type. Next month Carl travels to Ohio and will bring the Krell KSA-250. Road trip.....I'll have a get together sometime after that happens. Gotta run another 20 amp circuit. No biggie, have pipe in place.

    Ed has quite a system in his apt. No room for the SDA's. Older Sony ES's with a pair of NHT subs, well dialed in. These ES's were designed by one of the Polk founders, not Matt. He has the ModWright 9100ES in that system along with his music servers/DAC.
  10. SCompRacer
    Oh, and that pastrami on mustard/rye at Katz's Deli was something I'd like to repeat some day. I'll have what she's having.
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