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  1. daboyz
    Gotcha. I think I asked about those before and got the same answer. I'm willing to sell off the Lsi's and go to an Rti HT and pop the Maggies in when I want to go 2ch
  2. dkg999
    Anybody interested in a pair of Radio Shack Minimus 7 speakers? I bought these sometime in the mid-'80's. They sat in a box for many years until I re-discovered them a few months ago. They work, are in pretty good shape, and have the rare wall swivel mounts. I know there are many threads on these on the DIY forums, modifications for them, etc. They sound good, not great, however I am using the Polk Blackstones and Epos ELS-3's for comparison. Free to a good home, they aren't going to KC with me!

    Dave - depending on how far back in the RTi line you want to go, I might part with my RTi70/CSi40/RTi38 HT speakers rather than move them to KC. I'm thinking a Polk SurroundBar would be good enough for the TV/HT that's mainly used by my daughter.
  3. daboyz
    Doug - Shoot me a pm on pricing. I'll see if I can make it work.

    Congrats To A2 on graduating 3 rug rats this year! What a zoo that was today after the ceremony. Would've much rather seen Miss Hawaii then Ben Holmstrom but oh well.
  4. SCompRacer
    Congrats to the boys graduating Aaron!
  5. ALL212
    Congrats to Dave too - he had one in that pack and if I'm not mistaken one of the top 25 as well!! That ceremony wasn't too bad but Ms. Hawaii still would have beat Ben anyday - and she wouldn't have had to say a word!
  6. SCompRacer
    Congrats to Dave's daughter in the top 25! (She must get that from mom).
  7. daboyz
    Look's are mom!! Brains must've come from the mail man. She graduated Summa Cum Laude. She worked her ass off. I'm very proud of her.
  8. SCompRacer
    Very impressive Dave! Good parenting.
  9. SCompRacer
    So I finally swapped out the cheap temp coupling caps for Gen 1 Sonicaps. A little better than the cheap Rat shack film caps. The single Legato output board has a common mode DC issue due to design (between balanced pos and bal gnd, balanced neg and bal gnd, so coupling caps it is. There is no DC between balanced pos and neg. A 392R resistor across pos and neg of balanced reduces output and improves THD which was raised due to dual DAC boards feeding a single output board. The mA into the output board was doubled due to dual mono build.

    I also added a head phone jack at right side near rear of chassis. Too many power supplies at front to route wiring by. Would have had to shield them most likely.

  10. daboyz
    Thanks Rich! Parenting is part of it but they've gotta have the drive to get where she did. Seriously I'm in awe as to what she has done. We're having an open house on Saturday from 1 to 6 if anyone want's to swing by. I'm sure we'll have the karaoke machine running very nicely!
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