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  1. heiney9
    Congrats to all the young graduates and their hard work. You parents should be proud.
  2. SCompRacer
    I'm sure we'll have the karaoke machine running very nicely!

    Oh boy! Talk about entertainment

    Parents still matter!
  3. SCompRacer
    I gave a Sanders digital active crossover a go. I'm sure you can recognize what it is even though the lid doesn't shout it out.

    I used a steep Butterworth 48dB slope, crossed at 172hz. My analog xover is a 24dB slope crossed at 420hz. Sounds pretty darn good, the panels do more and it improves imaging. Too bad it causes a hum in my system, even with ground lifted. And I get distortion at higher volume levels (90dB +), even though the LED’s on the Behringer are no where close to peak/clipping. It ain’t the amps clipping cause I've taken them higher. I don’t often listen at those levels but I won’t be denied it. With my analog xover I can go to 115dB without any distortion.

    Good thing about 30 day trials, all I have to pay is return shipping.

  4. daboyz
    If all audio gear had a 30 day trial I'd be a hot mess!

    Well, the 15's walked out the door this morning and the C should be following them really shortly. I was hoping to get a pair of a couple year old MMG's for about $400 but that doesn't look like that'll happen so I'll probably have to go the new route. If I sell the
    7's then I'll have enough to go for a pair of 1.6's. But, I've always wanted a pair of Totem's, too. Maybe MMG's and a pair of Totem's. Decisions, decisions.

    Doug, drop me a line on when you're available so I can snag those rti's.
  5. dkg999
    Dave - the RTi's are in the corner of the living room, I'll be back in IL next weekend, probably Sunday through Wednesday. Audio Labs in Des Moines IA is both a Totem and a Magnepan dealer, so if you made a road trip you could listen to both. I cannot remember if they have a pair of MMG's or not, you could call and ask for Lou, tell him you are a friend of mine. I love me some Totem's, however they are one of the most picky speakers on placement you will find. They are heaven when set up right (they even make Pass Labs gear sound good!), and hell when not set up right.
  6. dkg999
    Gear that is not making the move to KC:

    Radio Shack Minimus 7 speakers - free to a good home
    Parasound T/DQ 1600 tuna - free to a good home
    Polk Monitor 7's - upgraded x-overs, they need a 1 ohm resistor in place of the fuses as the tweeters are a little bright, I have a spare pair of the Peerless tweeters and I may even have a spare pair of the passive's (if the Monitor 10's use the same passive?). Price is negotiable. These came from Dave. Good sounding, I just need to thin the heard.
  7. ALL212
    If I can meet up with you the fish sounds like a good deal!
  8. dkg999
    A2 - I'll be back in IL this Sunday through Wed, so I'll make it a point to make it up to Rockford. If Dave is around I can load up his RTi's and drop them off in the same trip.
  9. daboyz
    I'll let ya'll know what days I'm off next week so we can figure it out. I should know tomorrow.
  10. ALL212
    Or drop his stuff off at my place - let me know when you're coming through. Kids are out of school now - there appears to be some girlfriend activity but someone might be home during the day if that works better.
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