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  1. daboyz
    A2 - No I haven't but the remote for the the digital picture frame didn't work.

    If I can't sell it I'm asking him to take it back. He didn't mention a remote problem so I'm sure he will/should.
  2. heiney9
    Dave, any luck moving the pre?
  3. ALL212
    I'm officially dumping Canare wire, for anything. Strange coincidence tonight, however...

    DQ-10's are good, but a bit bright, overbearing. Took out the 1977 Sansui AU 9500 thinking that is probably going to do it and put in an Odyssey combination - a bit better but still annoying. Then I realize I've heard that sound - headphone cables! The coincidence is that right after I changed out the speaker cables Rich PM'd me confirming the same in the headphone cables. So, I made some Mogami speaker cables. These are all of 21 gauge wire but so smooth.

    Canare, not bad - just not good.
  4. heiney9
    Synergy can be a strange mistress. I still use it (Canare 4S11) in the office rig, and it sounds good w/my gear combo. But if I were to do it again looking for budget/all purpose cable, I'd go the Signal Cable route.
  5. ALL212
    In this case it doesn't have much to do with synergy. Myself and two others have compared headphone cables and all three of us came to the same conclusion independently - the Canare star quad is ok but the Mogami is better. If in three different systems one cable stands above another - I'd say it's just better.

    Synergy does exist, however, in some cases it is a matter of straight up improvement. Synergy to me would be if you put in a pair of MIT's and the Canare still sounded better. Synergy = magic.
  6. SCompRacer
    What’s really coincidental is a week or more ago I removed a short DIY Canare XLR cable between my active xover and panel amp. The same room setup exists as it was June 22, so the long Sanders XLR cables are in place which leaves one Signal Cable Analog II XLR. I forget the Canare cable number, it is two conductor with shield that is used for XLR gnd.
  7. daboyz

    Say hello to my little friends......
  8. daboyz
    I've used Canare 4S11 for awhile in my HT and it didn't seem bright to me at all. Oh, well. It's all in a box now. Was thinking about selling it so don't dump on my FS thread.
  9. ALL212
    HT don't count!!

    I'll have some Canare for sale as well.

    Linky no worky for me but I know what the friends are - another joins the "flat man" club!!
  10. daboyz
    Yes, HT doesn't count but remember it was my 2ch for awhile with the Lsi15's. They seemed to work good with the laid back 15's.

    Brock - Still got it. Keeping it for now.
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