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Rockford Audio Society

  1. daboyz
    Brock - I'm going after these, please don't bid me up. Thanks.
  2. dkg999
    Don't British tubes make your music sound funny?
  3. daboyz
    Not as bad as the German tubes. They can get a little throaty.
  4. heiney9
    Seriously Dave? You JUST sold the same pair! What's up with that? <wink> What are you using them in. Must have gotten a new piece of gear I missed.
  5. daboyz
    Brock - I'm trading my T90e's and some cash to dromunds for his Dared with a WORKING remote. :) The Peachtree showed up yesterday. I went to look at a pair of Rti8's yesterday and one of them sounded really muffled. Almost like a blanket was thrown over it. The other one was fine. I switched cables and it was the same problem. Outwardly the drivers seemed fine. Anyone have a diagnosis?
  6. dkg999
    Dave - was the jumper off of that speaker. They sound really muffled if the tweeter isn't hooked up.
  7. dkg999
    The invite for EndersShadow has been sent.
  8. daboyz
    Doug - I'm going to check that out. The guy buzzed me today and said he didn't feel like messing with them and he'd just give them to me. Needless to say they're in my basement now.
  9. EndersShadow
    Thanks for letting me join the party fellas.

    Dave I promise to not discuss gangsta rap
  10. dkg999
    Ummm, Rich told you about the RAS initiation, didn't he? Hope so, because, ummm, we wouldn't want to go through again what happened to the last 2 new members.
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