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  1. SCompRacer
    Yeah I was like WTF myself. Sorry, I started going down the list of dibs and the first refused, the second said yes. Looks like they may go to Florida.

    Salk Soundscape 8's in Terminalia superba, or black limba.

    3-way with dual 8" woofers, Accuton midrange and RAAL ribbon tweeter
    Drivers (1) RAAL ribbon tweeter, (1) Accuton midrange, (2) custom 8" long-throw woofers, (2) 12" passive radiators
    Response 25Hz - 20KHz (+/- 1.5db)
    25Hz - 60KHz (+/- 3db)
    Sensitivity (dB/2.83v/1M) 87db
    Impedance 4 ohms nominal
    Box Alignment Open-backed midrange,
    dual passive radiator woofer section
    Weight 126 pounds each
    Dimensions (HWD) 40" H x 10.5" W x 15" D
    (not including plinths and spikes)
  2. agfrost
    Holy crap, Rich.
  3. SCompRacer
    I agree! They countered with 100 over my offer so I didn't pay asking. Jim says he thinks I got a great deal. My wife says that's more than you paid for your I did get a good deal on the car though.

    I kinda went nuts here. Dear wife has to see a surgeon for possible needle biopsy for suspicious growth. Been 10 years since her second bout with cancer. I hate the not knowing part. Anyway, I said eff it. It beat getting drunk or beating on someone that needed it.
  4. daboyz
    Congrats Rich! I'm still stunned. Never thought you'd leave the flat panels. Hope all goes well with Dana.
  5. dkg999
    Rich - pass on my best wishes to Dana! Jim Salk used to years ago bring his speakers to the Iowa DIY group meetings. They sounded very nice. Madisound has kits for some of his early designs. Great choice!
  6. SCompRacer
    Will do Doug! She is strong, handles this better than I do. Salk does top notch cabinet and veneer work. Excellent coherence in crossover design. The resale value is strong. He also assists in selling owners used speakers at Audio Circle. My speakers/bass amp are tentatively sold. Just have to get them to Florida. Be calling for freight quotes Monday.
  7. agfrost
    My best wishes to Dana and you, Rich. Agree that the not-knowing period is very rough.

    Also agree that it's hard to imagine you moving past the InnerSounds . I know that you've had a number of speakers come through your system over the years, but not in the time I've known you!
  8. EndersShadow
    LOL no worries Rich. Your speakers would be too rich for my blood anyway. Until my room is large enough they wouldn't even fit. Plus I still got eyes for Maggies. I do still want to hear your Salks as they were on my list before I got my LSi's on a steal of a deal.

    Also tell Dana my prayers are with you both. Cant imagine how much it sucks!
  9. heiney9
    Prayers and well wishes to you and Dana, hope everything goes well.
  10. ALL212

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