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Rockford Audio Society

  1. SCompRacer
    Welcome Michael! Hello to all the denizens of the RAS!

    The DIY sub is a great idea. There is no reason you can't save moolah and still have high quality. Before I became a dead arse, I recall there was pride and satisfaction from building something for yourself.
  2. dkg999
    Michael - are you copying the room we looked at when I was down there? I still keep thinking about that theater room! Someday! I would love to have time to do some DIY speakers. I've picked up a lot of good quality shop & woodworking tools lately, as some contractors have been selling some stuff off. I've been getting 1 to 2 year old professional stuff from Powermatic, Jet, and General for about 25 cents on the dollar compared to new price. I'm tucking it away in my storage unit and shop at the farm until I can get a place bought out here in IL.

    I'll send Halo an invite!
  3. McLoki
    Still deciding between 15" and 18" subs. (all speakers will cross over at 80hz) These are the ones I was thinking of....

    15" - would be in a 7' tube, 18" in diameter tuned to about 14hz.

    18" - would be in a 7' tube, 24" in diameter tuned to about 12hz.

    In either case, there would be 2 of them in the front corners of the theater. (next to the screen and behind the main speakers.) Total cost to build 2 of either option should be around $1,000 for the 18" sub and $600 or so for the 15". A great deal if you ask me...
  4. McLoki
    I would like to copy the room you saw. I actually thought about trying to put 6 - 12" subs in the room as columns (hence the 7' high) with acoutstic material between them simlar to that room. I thought that would look really cool - but 18" would just be to large to look right with 6 columns in that size room.
  5. McLoki
    Is there a way to get some sort of a notification when there is a new message posted in a "social group"?
  6. dkg999
    I don't see any options for notifications. The options are what kind of social group, ie public anyone can join, or private by invitation only, and basic message management and member management functions. I would be nice to get notifications.
  7. McLoki
    Ohhh - and just noticed I can edit old posts - get the notification thing worked out and this may be better than the normal forum... :)
  8. Ricardo
    Well, I got an invitation so I decided to join this fine group. Sorry to hear about Victor and his wife. True that he has not been active for a while.

    I PM'd you yesterday but I guess they were gone when you saw it...or it just wasn't the right time. I ALMOST bought them, but I really don't have the right room for them.
  9. McLoki
    They were exactly what I was looking for (with a center and RDO's no less) but the timing was just not right for me. (roof was damaged in a wind storm recently and have to cover a $1,000 deductable as well as float the down payment for the work while I am waiting on insurance.....)

    Pretty much all funds are tied up right now - plus it is the wifes turn to splurge on some toys....

    I am at least a year away from being ready for them anyway. (I do thank you for thinking of me though :))

  10. dkg999
    Ricardo - I figured anyone who drove over to our IL Club Polk get together should be a member of our social group!
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