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  1. LessisNevermore
    Rich, I may have a solution for your cat troubles.......

  2. SCompRacer
    Rich, I may have a solution for your cat troubles.......

    I have a copy of that on my home 'putie.:D I was telling the wife about a nicely designed cat carrier and printed it for her. She wasn't amused.:D
  3. LessisNevermore
    Aaron,.....holy hell. That's quite a day.
  4. Lowell_M
    Yea... I can't wait until I get the mold release worn off them and see how they hold on. My G has 225 - 50-18's on the front stock and 245-45-18 on the back. I put 245's all the way around, which will give me better turn in and make the car more neutral. Car magazines say the G is neutral, but they still have a little bit of understeer engineered into them so stupid people don't wreck. The RE-01's are definately a step up from the RE070's I took off last summer.

    I was also looking at the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1's, but couldn't beat the price of the Bridgestones.
  5. Lowell_M
    Duell, The trip pretty much sucks and you have to make the most out of anything positive that you can do while you are there. Food sucks, "american food" sucks, most places are dirty, harder to communicate, jet lag, etc. All in all I had a pretty good trip though. Made some great deals that will add to my bottom line quite nicely.
  6. LessisNevermore
    There is a good breakfast joint on E. State, but I can't remember the name.
    It's right next door to Octopus car wash, in the old Hardee's building. Really good breakfast.

    Fairview Restaurant! (thank you google street view) lol
  7. Lowell_M
    I'm working on a paper for school and have gone through the Eagles XRCD 3 times now at 85-90 db. This CD is in my top 5 favorite recordings now. Extremely well done. I don't even need a clicker to switch songs. (not like I have one anyway)
  8. LessisNevermore
    Made some great deals that will add to my bottom line quite nicely.

  9. Lowell_M
    Oh... and in case you think it sucks that I buy stuff from China I do too... It's hard to compete in my product line without China and Taiwan... But I'm working on a patentable, very cool product innovation that will change the market... and it will be made mostly in the U.S.A.!
  10. heiney9
    Just sitting here going thru the tedious task of adding music to the music server. The end result is ultra convenience, but the method is arduous. I know you're thinking a little "point and click" can't be all that hard. Well I'm adding all the artwork as well as comments for each entry.

    Fairview has a good breakfast, but it's a tad out of the way. The Sunrise (on Harrison) is closer to our destination.
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