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Rockford Audio Society

  1. SCompRacer
    Thanks Brock. Thoughts and prayers for your dad!
  2. Lowell_M
    Brock, You and your family are in my thoughts. Hope all goes well with your Dad.
  3. Lowell_M
    Doug, how was your ride? Hey, a guy I work with is a member of Pheasants Forever in the Winnebego area, you know him? (Tim Bead)
    Check out my post related to my XRCD, etc. quest. I stopped into Music Direct today. Pretty cool visit.
  4. Lowell_M
    Dave, are we planning to meet at your place this time? Nov. 2 might work. I'll talk to my social coordinator.
  5. daboyz
    Dang guys, we need to get the fams of the RAS healthy!!! Thoughts and prayers are with all and hoping for speedy recoveries.

    Yes, the next meet is planned for my crib.
  6. Lowell_M
    What is the plan, then. is there any kind of comparo that anyone is interested in, or should we just listen to Dave's SDA's and have a music discovery day? I'm up for anything and would be happy to bring gear. (Although Doug probably has most of the same stuff packed into his traveling audio demo trailer already) ...(I just made that up. Seems like Doug sould have a traveling audio demo trailer. He has so much cool stuff that he always brings to our get togethers.)
  7. heiney9
    CRAP, I'm not sure I can make it. If it's later in the day like around 2:00, I can probably fit it in. I have some new MIT cables and I was supposed to have a new amp (Pass Aleph 30) but, damn this thing went for A LOT.

    My max bid was $1,010. I just couldn't spend more :(

    I may have some other "homemade" cables to bring as well if I get them done in time. Aaron, have you seen Dave's sig. He's been buying audio equipment like he's single
  8. heiney9
    Thanks for the well wishes. Dad's procedure went well. He has a catheter until Friday and they cleansed his bladder with a new chemo treatment. The tumor/polyp was small but the 2nd in 2 years; both were cancerous. So we'll have to keep an eye on it. I think it was gotten early enough that it was very localized.
  9. dkg999
    Brock - good to hear your Dad is doing well! He is in my prayers! I had a long travel day yesterday, 6 am flight to Memphis, supposed to be back to Chicago around 5 pm, finally made it to OHare around 10 pm last night!

    Aaron - I know Tim's Dad (at least I think he is Tim's Dad) Chuck Bead pretty well. He is one of our active members as far as board meetings, activity planning, and helping run the chapter.
  10. Lowell_M
    Yep. That's Tim's dad.
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