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  1. daboyz
    So, here I am just noticing our cool little hangout!!! Thanks Doug for the setup. I've been in lala land lately so please forgive.:( Also, when reading this I was going back in time?;)

    Anywho, the next RAS meeting is supposed to be at my crib but we are now looking at either weekend of 13th or 27th. All are welcome but would like to get a time when most can make.

  2. Ricardo
    Michael, I am still driving to Polkfest, so if you make it to OH you can ride with me. I MUST get out early Thursday morning, but you can spend Wed night here no problem.
    This goes for any other RAS member :)
  3. SCompRacer
    Michael, you had asked about Norm in the thoughts and prayers thread. I still remember the day you came here to buy the Lsi15ís and met him. Now that he is gone, I can tell you a little about his health issues.

    About 8 years ago, Norm was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He flew to Stanford regularly for some specialized and somewhat experimental treatment. He was part of a group that had the same condition. He had this wickedly sarcastic sense of humor, and referred to themselves as lab rats. The cocktail alone killed some of the participants. They would strap his head down as he could not move 1mm while they radiated the tumor.

    While Norm was the only one to beat the tumor, it killed his pituitary gland, and affected his memory and co-ordination. He required bypass surgery after the treatment. He was dosed with various drugs and steroids, and then he started to gain weight. He was not an overeater, and just couldnít lose the weight. Knowing his heart would not support him much longer, and wanting to improve his quality of life, he looked for a solution. He researched for near a year and elected to have a Duodenal Switch procedure. (They remove most of the stomach and shorten the intestine). He survived the surgery, but developed complications afterwards. His mother and I have questions about post surgical care but have no satisfactory answers yet.
  4. dkg999
    Rich - that is just awful news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Norm's family. It sounds like he kept his spirits high and his humor about him as he went through that ordeal. That alone says alot about the man. Doug
  5. heiney9
    Hi Guys,

    I totally forgot about this "social group". I was Googling something and this entry was on the first page. I guess the "world" can see what we discuss but just not participate. I do want to extend my personal condolence to Rich and Norm's family concerning his passing. Through his generosity by way of a killer price I was able to purchase his 1C's. That was a great addition and I will continue to get enjoyment from them knowing that Norm "approved" of them. Take care Rich and keep your head up and remember all the good times.

    I am also sorry to hear of Victor's situation. I went through it with my ex and it's always a tough circumstance even if things are completely amicable. It would be nice to see him posting again.

  6. heiney9
    Some other entries from the area:


    Just throwing it out there.
  7. heiney9

    Not sure if someone is in line before me, but if you decide to part with the MIT cables you have going around for demo could you give me first right of refusal? I liked 'em that much, I already miss them.

  8. halo
    Hi everybody
  9. daboyz
    Helllllloooooooo. Anyone have thoughts on the next get together?
  10. daboyz

    Will one or all of you please smack me? Nick's Lsi9's are looking mighty attractive to me at $400 bones. I'm tempted to sell off the garage rig and upgrade my fronts from the Rti8's to the 9's. That is my next step in upgrades but I just paid off Ricardo. I'm a damn junkie!!!;) Plus the WAF would probably be good because of smaller speaks. How do you think these will match with my Csi5 for awhile?

    Any thoughts?
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