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  1. Ricardo
    Dave, if it is only for Home Theater, keep the RTi8's. Nothing has better value than the RTi line for TV, DVD's and gaming. You have a separate 2 channel, so you're good.

    Victor, good to hear from you.

    Brock, no plans to sell them yet. You should really save a little and get the Shotgun S3's ;)
  2. daboyz
    Well, he pulled them from the market so that answered that. You're probably right Ricardo anyway. I just really loved those 9's when I first heard them at Aaron's. Sweet speaks for the price.
  3. heiney9

    Not sure on the next get together. I'm moving sometime towards the end of the month and I have a lot of work to do before then. Cleaning and going through 11 years of crap is a big project. I'm trying to minimize my life at this point as I have way toooooooo much crap. I'm a pack rat apparently and I need to lighten the load-LOL.

  4. daboyz
    No worries,offer of help is still there if I can make it.
  5. dkg999
    I can find room for the SDA's if you're going minimalist on us :)

    I have to admit that this turntable thing is kind of fun. I'm listening to some brand new Nancy Sinatra albums that I had bought years ago at an auction and had saved. Even though they are early stereo (and they really place the singers and instruments where they wanted them, no blending so you get a center sound stage!) the dynamics and sound is amazing. My other turntables I had didn't have quite this good of sound. I need to find a better way to clean some of the albums I've found lately, and Rockford is not too bad for album shopping!
  6. SCompRacer
    Doug, I'll keep you in mind if I pick up another RCM this week.
  7. dkg999
    Rich - I just picked up a slightly used VPI 16.5 with a bunch of accessories. It's coming from someone I know in Omaha who said he sold it new, the person cleaned literally two albums, and then decided they liked the Nitty Gritty cleaners better. It should be here yet this week.

    I have to say that in direct comparisons of vinyl to CD's, the low sound level dynamics of vinyl over CD's is really stunning. I didn't remember that from the past. I'm in an apt out here, so I don't crank it up too often, but at low levels the dynamics and livelyness of vinyl is amazing.
  8. SCompRacer
    Doug, good for you. The 16.5 is a great RCM. I have a Nitty Gritty 1.5FI in Oak, and I like the small footprint. The only negative is I can't scrub on it. I primarily use it to vacuum. I have an offer in on a 16.5, local to me. I have been getting a lot of vinyl lately, and with 30 or more LP's to clean at a time, the NG slows me down.

    My NG has an electric fluid pump instead of the hand pump. I have to stay mentally alert or I'll squeeze off suppressive bursts of cleaning fluid and quickly empty the magazine. I just have to remember to telegraph the button.

    Once I upgraded my arm, I felt my vinyl exceeded my ModWright 9100 with the Bendix 6900 tubes. I still like the 9100, but don't use it as much.

    I have been using the Tergitol S3/S9 distilled mix with a distilled water rinse to clean my LP's. I use two MOFI brushes, one to scrub, one to rinse. I really liked the NG Pure 2 cleaner, and have been using up my remaining inventory after the distilled rinse. They come out really clean. I use steam on the stubborn ones. Steam, or any type of cleaning, won’t fix a bad LP though.
  9. dkg999
    Rich - I'm going to have to make a road trip down to your place and pick up some pointers on record cleaning and care. For really dirty garage sale, thrift store, flea market album finds I start with a short soft bristled artist brush and my long-time solution of 2/3 distilled water, 1/3 91% isopropyl alchohol, and couple of drops of Dawn dish detergent in a spray bottle. I work that around the grooves real good, then blast it off with another spray bottle of distilled water. After the record looks clean, or for new or near mint vinyl I use the MoFi brushes and the MoFi Super Record wash. I'll keep my super-suction shop vac rig for the really dirty albums first cleaning, but will use the VPI for the second cleaning and for new or near mint albums. I use my carbon fiber brush and the D4 Brush and fluid before every play. I've read about the steam cleaning, and have a Dusty Springfield original album that I might try that on to see if I can get the noise floor on it to be a little better.
  10. SCompRacer
    You are welcome anytime. I doubt I'll teach you anything as you have a good method. Here is a thread from the Steve Hoffman forums about alky use in varying amounts.

    I use a minimal approach to LP cleaning. Others use multiple cleaners for every LP believing one won't clean the vinyl effectively. I note the ones that could use steaming and when I break out the steamer to do the tile floor, I'll get the LP's while it is out. I just have to change attachments on the steamer....or lay them on the floor.:D
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