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  1. SCompRacer
    Just CD. I think they would have more popularity if it wasn't so small and what some folks call oddly shaped. However, it is very well constructed and doesn't require an external DAC (the CD-S doesn't have the outputs for it anyway) to sound good.
  2. SCompRacer
    Now that I got a BR player, I'll need to buy some Blu Ray titles. Rented some the other day, but they caught the fact that I returned blank DVD's with printed labels. :p:D j/k, really.

    The local Blockbuster didn't have much of a selection of used or rental Blu Ray movies compared to the DVD's. And it is a pretty big store. Amazon and ebay the way to go here?

    If the wife camps out in the lower level, not much chance of checking the in wall surround system out the 27th. With her hearing aides in, she doesn't like the movies loud.
  3. SCompRacer
    Curt, how tall are your stands for the 7A's? And how much angle?

    I have some short stands (can't even guess how tall right now) with ~3 degree tilt. Had them under my Infinity's, sold them to Noel and I got them back with the 7A's purchased from him.
  4. comfortablycurt
    That is kind of on the small side...I didn't even notice that. This wouldn't really be a concern for me either way though.

    So did they call the mall cops when they caught you returning blank DVD's?:p

    I've never even bought a Blu-ray before, but they seem to still be fairly expensive in stores. Most of the stores have a discount rack of older titles for around 10-20 bucks though, which would be worth hitting up.

    Amazon/ebay are probably the best bet.

    I'm loving the massively discounted prices on DVD's recently. Since Blu-ray has come out, DVD prices have been coming down. All of the stores have racks full of great DVD's for 5-10 bucks. Last weekend, I bought all 5 of the Harry Potter movies, plus Kill Bill 1 and 2 and Batman Begins for less than 40 bucks. That counts as a good deal in my book.:)
  5. comfortablycurt
    Rich-My stands are about 5 1/4" high, with I think 3 degrees of tilt.

    Measured from the top of the base board, it's 4 1/4" to the top in front, and 3 1/2" in back.

    It seems like there are a ton of different versions of the Monitor stands. I'd like to pick up or build a taller pair eventually to get the tweeters a little closer to ear level.
  6. comfortablycurt
    Any thoughts on the Jolida JD100 CDP? Now that I'm pretty much set on a Dodd ELP for a pre-amp, I've been doing a bunch of window shopping for CDP's. Looks like the Jolida would fit nicely into my price range.

    I know a lot of people on the forum use them, I just can't help but wonder if that would be to many tubes in the chain...
  7. LessisNevermore
    Dave's my financial manager. I have to check with him before I purchase

    No, Dave meant your money goes to him, so I asked if he was going to buy them, so you could then buy them from him.
    Dave was marking his territory. You've been officially claimed.:D

    Rich, I've been renting Blu-rays from Netflix for about a year now. Getting new releases as soon as they hit the street is not a big deal for the wifey and I, so we generally don't have to wait for anything.
  8. SCompRacer
    Getting new releases as soon as they hit the street is not a big deal

    Oh, same here. Matter of fact, I am around 2-3 years behind in watching movies. Not a big priority to me. I'd just like to have some of the popular DVD stuff I have in Blu Ray for demos, and there is some stuff I'd rather rerun than watch a "new" release.

    Curt, the too many tubes thing all depends. My preference is to have a real detailed CDP/DAC (either tube or SS), and if desired, adjust the final result rolling tubes in the pre. If you have too soft an output at the source, you can't get it back at the pre, if you know what I mean.
  9. SCompRacer

    The Jolida is a great CDP. I don't think you can go wrong there. To me, the Quad I mentioned is a much more detailed player, even better than the Jolida with level 1 mods. But some folks don't like the Quad in an all SS system. They say it sounds too analytical. Some would call that harsh or fatiguing. Carl added a tube buffer after the Quad to soften it a bit. I used it with my ModWright pre, which leans more towads SS sounding than most tube pres, and I felt the Quad was smooth and detailed, not harsh at all.

    This is one of them things I can tell you what I hear and like, but you may not and prefer something else. You may come here and puke after hearing what I have and like. With audio, I've found it best to listen to as much stuff as you can. Then you know what you like/don't like. That usually means to borrow/buy/resell, etc.
  10. SCompRacer
    Curt, this just popped up in our FM. Music Hall Mambo. 50WPC Class A integrated, with built in switchable upsampling DAC. All SS of course. Nothing wrong with that unless you want tubes. $625 shipped. No direct experience with it, just looks interesting.

    Lots of comments to sort through at Audiogon.
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