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Rockford Audio Society

  1. Ricardo
    how long I've gotta be nice to the noosh?

    You're doomed for life. You have to post in every thread he creates and say something good about it. Laugh at all his jokes. Invite him and his wife over for a weekend twice a year. Wash his Jaguar once a week. I'll just stop there.
  2. daboyz
    Damn, I didn't have to be THAT nice to you guys after buying some of your stuff.;)

    Great pics,Doug. You didn't get any while Rich was connecting gear?:) Pretty neat pics of the tree.I just missed a semi that burned up(complete tractor and trailer) on 90 this morning. It was torched.
  3. heiney9
    So Dave, how the hell are the 1C's? Are you going to keep them or are they just visiting like a lot of your other gear ;):p:D
  4. daboyz
    Now be nice,Brock. I've had my amps for a little while.:) Believe it or not they're sitting in the front room and there's been no bitchin' from the wifey. I may move the 9's to the rear and get a budget amp that can drive the 7's for a garage rig.

    I wish I still had that 535.....
  5. heiney9
    So Dave, How Are The 1C’s?.

    Don;t make me ask again :D;):)
  6. daboyz
    Sorry Brock, I thought it was another of your rhetorical questions.:p
    They're beautiful. The grin that was on my face while listening to them couldn't have been sandpapered off my face. These babies have been what I've wanted ever since hearing yours.
  7. daboyz
    OK,computer geeks. It seems that the motherboard on my Dell needs to go six feet under. What do ya'll suggest? I basically only need the CPU. All we really do is your basic internet surfing,word,excel,etc. Plus I'd like to burn cd's and dvd's. Nothing too fancy but would love some speed.
  8. heiney9
    What do ya'll suggest?

    Certainly something with tubes
  9. daboyz
    And must have 200 watts/ch.:D
  10. dkg999
    Dave - I saw that torched semi on I-90 westbound this morning also! I was glad I was heading east.
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