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  1. dkg999
    Rich - happy birthday! I turn 50 tomorrow, and I did take the day off! This whole week has been hell at work, so I'm really glad I have tomorrow off. Middle age crisis .... hmmmm .... now there's a thought!

    I've spent a couple of hours with the ELT525's and I'm very impressed.
  2. Lowell_M
    Happy Birthday Doug and Rich!
  3. heiney9
    Happy b-day Rich and Doug..........neither of you look your respective age! Have a good one.

    Aaron and Doug and Dave, Dec 19th Pistol Pete, a local blues guitarist (phenomenal) is playing in Downtown Rockford at "Big Cities" Lounge. I know we've talked about catching live music so I'm inviting you guys. I know it's the Holidays and it looks like he'll be playing a few more times after the Holiday. My buddy Chris is a drummer and sits in with him on occasion.

    Big Cities is sort of a intimate dump, but Nino the owner is unique as in you never know if you'll get grumpy or happy Nino. Pete will blow you away...........he's a combination of Buddy Guy, SRV and Hendrix.

    Let me know when you can even it's last minute.

    Here's Pete's site if you want to check him out

    Rich and everyone else you can certainly come along too but that's quite a drive. But you are welcome to come see him.

  4. daboyz
    Ahhh,Big Cities,late teens,Nino.......................I know the place very well.:D I'm out, I've got a party and must be at work the next morning,EARLY.:(

    Doug - I'd love to hear those Epos so if you'd like company let me know.

    And you two old farts enjoy those birthdays!!!
  5. dkg999
    Dave - sorry I didn't have more time to chat this morning! My daughter had me on a tight schedule as she had Christmas shopping to do! I did find a few LP's at my favorite vendor. Lots of interesting stuff at that flea market!

    I'll see what tomorrows schedule is like and give you a call. I have some Christmas shopping to finish up, not sure if I should try to do it tomorrow, or during the week.

    Brock - not sure I'm going to be able to make the 19th. I have a previous committment back in IA for that night. If something changes I'll let you know because I would love to take in one of his shows. I've heard several really good things about him.
  6. dkg999
    And a definite surprise from my daughter today! I was LP shopping at a vendor in the flea market. She was looking through some LP's and found a BB King LP. She brings it over and says "Dad, you need to buy this one, I like BB King". So I look at the LP and it's a BB King I have on CD, so I say to her, I have that one on CD. You can listen to it when we get home. She looks at me with a strange look and says, "I didn't know you had any good music". Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Lowell_M
    Brock, I'll check with my social coordinator. Sounds fun to me.
  8. daboyz
    Gentlemen - MIL came through today with a Samsung Blu-Ray player so the dynamics of my HT have dramatically changed. I will be selling the (3) sets of Signal Analog II's,Brock has dibs on one set(PM me),the Cambridge DVD89-sweet player,hate to let this go,a Signal digital power cord, Signal digital cable. I am definitely now going to find a receiver or pre/pro with some hdmi connectivity to make it all work.

    Let me know if there is any interest. I will be trying to turn this stuff over as quickly as possible but don't need to to the point of taking a bath on any of it.

    Funny, yesterday I was wanting a pair of Epos, today that is so back burner.

    Doug - That's why I call all kids "brat children".;)
  9. dkg999
    Dave - welcome to the blue side! I've been enjoying my BD player, and our Movie Gallery here in town has a good selection of rentals.

    I've been switching off between the ELT525 and EPOS ELS-3 mini-monitors all day. I'm going to keep these at least until we have our next get together. They have two different presentations of music, and neither one is right or wrong, just different ways of presenting the same music. I really like both for different reasons. The ELT525's have a more laid back, almost BBC type of sound. I think they would be a better HT speaker than the EPOS though. The ELS-3's have a more forward bring it to you presentation, and the EPOS tweeter is so f'ing good at their price point that it's hard to beat. I think the ELT525's list for $100 less than the EPOS, and that's probably about the right spread. This will be an interesting comparison at our next get together! No big speaker cables with these, or you won't be able to keep them on the stands! The problem is I really enjoy them both.
  10. McLoki
    Out of curiosity, how much are blu-ray rentals up near your place? Down here they are almost $5 / night for new releases. (older movies (over a month or two old) drop to $4.25 / 5 nights.)
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