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  1. dkg999
    BD is $5.36 for a 5 night rental for new releases at Movie Gallery. About twice the price of a SD DVD rental. I look at it as I can rent about 6 BD movies for the cost of buying a single BD movie. I think buying BD movies, unless you can find a really good deal on them, is absolutely insane at the prices the stores want for them. Hopefully the prices will go down after the holiday season is over and retailers take a look at the inventory they are holding.
  2. Ricardo
    Marsh A400s for a great price, if you know someone local in NY....low seller fedback.
  3. heiney9
    That is a great price on the A400!!

    Dave, save a pair of Analog II's for me. What length do you have? The shorter the better. Price again? I'll try to get by an pick them up before Christmas.

  4. Lowell_M
    AGHGHGHGGHGHGHGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sold. I would have jumped all over that A400.
  5. dkg999
    Brock - I've got some audio porn for you. I'll try to drop them off on Wed night if the weather cooperates and I make it up to Aaron's to drop off the Marsh A200S.
  6. dkg999
    Lovely night in the Chicago metro. I just heard from one of my team members who has a normal 30 min commute, and they just made it home after 2 hrs 45 min. I had a late meeting, so hopefully when I leave around 7:30 pm, things are cleared out!
  7. daboyz
    Only took me 2 hours to get home:p:(

    Couple fun stories - When MIL bought the Blu-ray they suckered her into a Monster HDMI cable(Circuit City). $135 because "It does everything". Sending it back as soon as the check clears.

    So,wifey rents Batman so here I am all excited picture is AWESOME but all I can get for sound is Pro Logic. The movie says it had a digital layer but setup would only let me configure to TrueHD. I don't have that. Me thinks an HK AVR 254 is on the immediate horizon unless another one jumps out at me for around $400.

    Brock - pm sent.

    OMG on that A400 - that's ungodly.
  8. heiney9
    Hey guys, I don't miss my commute ONE bit---:p. I suppose I can share that with DHL folding its domestic retail shipping in the US the company I recently worked for had to reduce staff................guess who got reduced:o.

    In July my old company called me back to be a contract employee and I have been working there part time ever since (also working the other full time job). So I still have that gig going and they are actually getting a little busier so maybe my full time position might open up again in the near future. I make my own hours and come and go as I please as they pay me by the file rather than hourly. It's been really, really nice.

    Anyways I rarely share personal stuff on the Forum but it is what it is. Of course I've seen (3) Pass Aleph 30's FS since I was laid off (after Thanksgiving) . But I can't really pull the trigger right now since my future is uncertain at this point.

    Between savings and unemployment I'm good for quite awhile so no worries there. I just hate being idle and the whole job hunting thing is a PITA. I do have an interview tomorrow with a local financial company.

    Doug, I will probably be working tonight so you can drop them at my door or make it another time, whatever works best for you.

  9. dkg999
    I left at 7:40 pm last night and made it home shortly after 9 pm, so not bad all things considered.

    Brock - that sucks! Good thing you are still contracting with your previous company. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out! Things in the marketing services and credit industry are pretty shaky right now. We just had a major lay off. So hopefully I can dodge the bullet between now and any type of economic recovery!
  10. Lowell_M
    Brock, Man...Sorry to hear about the layoffs! Keep your head up (sounds like you are) and keep on looking. There's jobs out there, but a lot of competition for them, I'm sure.

    Michele and I are planning to go Friday night. Sounds like fun.
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