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  1. dkg999
    If anyone sees a deal on a LSiC center channel let me know. I'm going to try the DK approach on my HT as he confirms that it has the same benefits as when I was using two CSi40 center channels.
  2. heiney9
    Damn, just ran across this on E-bay. This is the one I should have gotten!!!

    Chassis is modeled after the original Dynaco model amp. Visually it's a knock-out and it uses the same Brian Bell ( boards and parts (just like the one I'm getting) sure it's about $140 more than what I paid............but what a neat looking chassis and the internals look neat and well done too!!

    Maybe next time! It's in your neck of the woods Ricardo.
  3. blakeh
    What the hell Brock, just buy it as well! You've been on a bender lately! ;)
  4. blakeh
    Just posted a long-ass dissertation on my acoustic panels project in the main forum. All of you who helped me out are mentioned favorably! :D

    I really do appreciate the cool dudes in RAS! Thanks for your help with the panels.
  5. heiney9
    So far I am underwhelmed with this "new" set-up. I truly believe it's the pre-amp/tube combo. It's exhibiting the same un-naturalness I initially heard in the main rig. Time to roll some tubes. Looks like I need to buy a couple pair on e-bay as well. I do have a really nice set of ECC81 RFT's here to try. The RCA 6201's aren;t cutting it. The gain is really high and I barely have to turn the vol. knob.

    I'm not in despair, I just need to experiment with some different tube types to get the correct synergy. Right now it is lacking and the little HCT integrated clone will kill this set-up for tone, lushness and soundstage. What tubes did you like again Ricardo? Did you notice abnormal gain with your Dared pre?
  6. heiney9
    Put in the RFT's these must be NOS the left tube flashed real bright orange when I powered her up! Seems fine both plates seem to be lit. Right out of the box these already sound much more natural. Damn tubes, how long and how many do I have to roll to get the sound I want ;).

    Ohhhhhh yes better right off the bat!
  7. heiney9
    Oooo-la-la. No more hashy sound, finally a bigger soundstage (actually before I had zero soundstage) and a lot less glare. I DO NOT recommend RCA 6201's for this Dared pre-amp. I think I'm going to be in for a treat in the coming days.

    Listening to Erin McKeown Live at the Lafayette . It sounds really good!! The pop of the snare is excellent as well as the crispness of the ride cymbal, none of that was there with the RCA tubes.

    Curt if you're listening this would be a GREAT alternative to the Dodd and there are a few on Audiogon right now for very reasonable prices.
  8. daboyz
    Well,kids. I'm home and wifey is out of town and I'm cranking up the 1C's and I lose all dynamics from the speakers. I lower the volume and bring it back up and it's fine again and then it dumps again. Here is a thread from the noosh that I asked him about and he said that a wire was touching and just needed to be moved. Check link:

    If I leave the volume down it stays fine. What do you all think? I'm not pleased at the moment at all.
  9. heiney9
    Dave, I'd have to hear it.........I have no idea what you mean by "lose all dynamics". You using the Marsh or Adcom amp? I guess it really doesn;t matter. Your link talks about popping. In my experience when selling these Polk models new, repeated popping usually means the driver is bad and has been over driven quite a bit. You will get it at higher volumes.

    Need a better explanation.
  10. daboyz
    As he says it seems like the highs are gone and everything is muffled. At lower volume it's fine. The Marsh is in play but I highly doubt it's the problem. I'm not getting any popping noises.
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