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  1. heiney9
    Sounds like a bad poly switch. As they age or are tripped numerous times they will malfunction and trip earlier and earlier. So which is it? Losing dynamics, which to me means no bass, like a your having midwoofer issues; or is it that you are losing the tweets?
  2. daboyz
    Tweets. Sorry, many Beam's tonight so the terminology may be off.:o
  3. heiney9
    Poly switch.................time to upgrade the x-overs since you'll be in there anyways. :D I'd remove them and put in a jumper, but then I know the limits of the speakers and my gear. I think I have some extra poly's here you can have. Polk sent them to me for free. It's a real common issue as the poly's age or are tripped numerous times.
  4. heiney9
    Tweets. Sorry, many Beam's tonight so the terminology may be off.

    Dude, rock on and have fun. Should have invited me over...........I like Beam!:D;)
  5. daboyz
    I've always got a bottle in hand so you're welcome anytime!:D They were sounding damn good though. I was cranking out a little Yes and went to Guns n' Roses. It started happening while I was cranking out the Yes. I forgot how great that cd sounds on SDA's.
  6. daboyz
    Any help on the fix and upgrade would be greatly appreciated. I have NO CLUE when it comes to the inner workings.:(
  7. ALL212
    Gentlemen - long time no write and even longer to catch up! Looks like some of you have been busy. Just so you know, I've not slacked off and am keeping in the RAS tradition. I just recently purchased a pair of Klaus's Khartago red board mono blocks from Audiogon. Should be in mid-next week.:) Might not have been run very long so I'm really anxious to hear these and see if they are broken in yet. I'm the third owner but it doesn't sound like the second owner had them very long.

    This also means a room makeover...not sure how I'm going to pull that off yet.

    Just so my finances won't have a chance to catch up - while on vacation a mean mannered stump jumped out and took out my back rear rim and tire to the tune of $200 and my house water heater has decided to go on an extended leave of absence.:(

  8. ALL212
    Oh, forgot - RCA long black plate triple mic ...magic!
  9. daboyz
    Damn A2,great to hear from you. Congrats on the purchase! Can't wait to hear.

    Blake - Bloody beautiful!!! I was just checking out your thread and can't wait to see the crib. I'm loving the colors and the house looks sweet. You did a wonderful job!!
  10. daboyz
    Sorry but one more thing. I'm a little pissed at the noosh for saying he took care of the problem when he didn't. I'm about ready to take that Jaguar and stick it up his ass.;) I pm'd him to see waht he has to say but I still may call his tush out on it in the forum. It is my fault for dealing with him since we all thought he was a douche but you still gotta do things right.
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