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Rockford Audio Society

  1. dkg999
    Thanks Rich! You know I have to set the pace for the Rockford area members of this group! Dave (DaBoyz) is coming along fine with his introduction of tubes and SDA's into his system. Brock and Aaron will get into tubes and vinyl eventually :D
  2. SCompRacer
    I like how you think!:D

    How about LP storage? I was thinking of this for the ease of sorting through them.

    or these stackable, library style storage sections.

    Gothic has a variety, just do a search for LP record and you will see all the choices.

    I'd build something but a) I don't have time and the big B) sold most of my good woodworking saws after I finished the lower level.
  3. dkg999
    I'm going to have to figure out something for LP storage also. Right now I only have about 80 albums including the ones I saved from years ago. It looks like more, but I counted them last night because I wanted to order new inner sleeves. I'm currently not exceeding the Oberweiss Dairy crates that I salvaged from a friend in Aurora's garage!
  4. heiney9
    Sorry Doug I probably won't do vinyl simply because I don't have the time. Well, perhaps, as a special treat I could have a vinyl rig to listen to on special occasions. No too keen on tubes but I am looking at a tube DAC which also has a SS output as well. My next purchase after I get settled is the Nelson Pass amp.
  5. heiney9

    If you head over to Plainfield to see Rich and need some riding company count me in! I'd love to hear Rich's vinyl rig again on the Innersound. I was very impressed with those Sanders amps as well. I have to get my Nelson Pass fix soon, but the Marsh and Sanders both impressed me as well.

    FYI, looking to move on either the the 20/21st or 27/28th. Are you and your truck available during this time. The 27/28th is preferable as I'm a bit behind in getting things ready. Let me know.

  6. SCompRacer
    C'mon down. The Sanders amps connect through Coda/Threshold back to Nelson Pass, in some ways. Is it me, or does Nelson have that David Crosby look going?

    I may put the speakers back to the South wall for your visit. Two pair of GIK Tri Traps are due here the 9th. The South wall puts two corners behind the speakers and bass loading was an issue; even with the speakers well into the middle of the room.

    I also have to check with the wife to see if she has anything going that weekend. My work schedule is more screwed than normal the last two weeks and she has this new job, so we haven't spoke much. I know she is leaving for Texas Sunday, and will be back sometime next week.

    OK, dear wife is back on the 11th and the weekend is open. No worries. She had to get new hearing aides about major coinage.
  7. daboyz
    Yeah, Doug is like our RAS Yoda(slight resemblance):p

    I definitely know I'm not ready for vinyl but would love to hear it,especially if it's as good as ya'll say. Well, maybe not because then I'll probably start jonesing for my own set up.;)
  8. dkg999
    Hey I resemble that Yoda comment :p Actually I'm pretty good at Yoda speak in emails, I use it all the time with my team at work.

    Brock - the weekend of the 27th will work great. I'll email you, but I think you thought we could move everything in the truck and I didn't need to bring the enclosed trailer?

    Rich - actually the 14th would work great. The Tripplite unit will be back here Wed/Thur of next week. If Brock wants to ride along we can be down at your place early afternoon. I could do Saturday the 13th if that works better?

    OK, the $350 I spent on the VPI 16.5 record cleaner is probably one of the better spends on audio related stuff I have made. For normal cleaning, this thing is the bomb. To Brock's point of having the time for vinyl, this thing cuts the time to clean up the vinyl way down.

    I'm having a Bad Company night. The BadCo CD's were all mastered poorly IMHO, and you can't even get all their albums on CD. It's very nice to listen to my BadCo albums again. Burning Sky is playing right now!
  9. dkg999
    Some other entries from the area:


    Just throwing it out there.

    I'll extend the invitations!
  10. daboyz
    I wasn't really impressed with my remastered BadCo cd I had.:( My favorite song is "Silver,Blue and Gold"..............great tune.

    I think tomorrow evening will be a good night for tunes here. Wifey is outta town. If any of you are bored and want to listen to some tunes,let me know. I was thinking of flipping between the Marsh and Adcom and even playing with some cables, AQ Type 4,Signal Ultras,Belden 5000UE and the PS Audio Xstream Preludes.
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