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  1. heiney9
    Put me on the road trip list as well. It'll be nice to meet Noel face to face. Not promising anything but keep me in the loop. How far is Ricardo? Maybe we could make a surprise visit-LOL
  2. dkg999
    I suggest a surprise visit to Ricardo's while he's not there and the audio gear is unguarded :D
  3. daboyz
    Dibs on the A400s!!:D
  4. Lowell_M
    Still haven't had time to mess with the Marsh yet. Dang.. Maybe tomorrow.. Right now, though we are off to listen to some Blues...
  5. Lowell_M
    Had to leave a little early from the Pistol Pete gig, but for the time that we were there.... Well, I don't have the proper adjectives in my vocabulary to describe how much this guy kicks ass. There are lots of times when you hear live music and you leave saying, "Man, those guys are pretty good...or even... man, those guys kick ass!" But that would be an understatement for Pete. He played that guitar better even after breaking a string than any guitar player I have ever heard live and most that I have heard on CD. I serious. This guy is no joke. and one hell of an entertainer too. he just has so much fun up on the stage. Plus... Brock knows him and introduced Michele and I to him before his show and even after he smoked some pre-show weed in the back (I'm assuming this happened based on various obvious things) he remembered our names and weaved us into some goofy blues lyrics.

    I found a CD of his on Amazon, not sure if it would be worth it or not. I think the entertainment value is mostly in his live performance. REgardless, I'll now be stocking him.

    Oh... forgot to comment on the sound... well.. it was... rather forward.'s that?
  6. heiney9
    I'm glad you and Michele had fun and I didn't have to refund your $3 cover charge. Pete is that lost player that I'm sure many cities have. Why he has never made it really big.......I don't know. Don't kid yourself he has some pull and he has opened for or played with some really great and famous musicians including several live Hendrix sets with the original Experience (minus Hendrix of course) line-up and Luther Allison, Buddy Guy and Otis Rush, Steve Vai and many others etc..

    I admit he was really ON last night and playing a whole set of about 10 songs the way he did with only 5 strings after he broke one was totally cool. He's a great guy, eats, sleeps, lives for the guitar and I never get tired of seeing him even after about 20 years.

    Doug, I totally understand you prior engagement missed one helluva great show. Pete is hands down one of the most phenominal guitar players I've seen famous or not!!!
  7. heiney9
    Also my buddy Chris sat in on drums for a short set after you guys left and he tore it up. I think Chris is one of Pete's favorite drummers and he always wants Chris to play but he just doesn't have the time with his business, a 3 year old and another on the way. We alwasy have a good time and we'll certainly do this again soon and hopefully Doug and Dave and anybody else can come along for a cheap night of fantastic music.
  8. Lowell_M
    A huge thanks for Brock for inviting us to go, by the way! Your friend Chris rocks!! That sounded like a different drum set when he sat down!
  9. heiney9
    A huge thanks to you guys for coming in town. We should do these types of things more often. I'm just glad I was sitting next to you at Carlyle Brewery.............I bet Michele wishes she was in my seat and not the one she was sitting in-LOL. I won't say anymore
  10. Lowell_M
    Ha! I got her to admit in the car that she was being over dramatic about it just to give me ****. (Ok... I'll tell the story... After 1 1/8th beers, I launched the remaining 7/8 of a beer into my wife's lap. She didn't end up being too big of a mess though. Not much soaked in. It's not too hard for us to get downtown via the back roads on the west side of Rockford. I can actually be downtown quicker than to State St. and Perryville.

    Michele is tired of hearing me talk about Pistol Pete by now. I did find his Myspace page, but it looks like its messed up. There are links to some youtube's of his live performances and also some streaming audio from his Cd's that sound like they would be really good on CD.
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