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  1. daboyz
    One more thing, Beam is good!:D
  2. heiney9
    Welcome back A2, I've been busy buying crap! :D. I still want to build one of these gainclones. The one I bought is really, really nicely done and I pretty much stole it. The case is amazing, really soild thick front plate, nice aluminum chassis that's screwed together. Nice teflon inputs, solid, gold plated speakr outputs. Pretty blue LED dead center in the front plate.

    Black Gate caps, Caddock and Rikken resistors. Kimber cable internal wiring.

    I'm thinking I want to build some LM3886 mono blocks :D. This Dared pre-amp sounds really nice with the RFT's now. We'll talk more about tube selection when you have time to get together and I still have a pair of old Russian tubes for you.
  3. ALL212
    One more thing, Beam is good!

  4. ALL212
    I still want to build one of these gainclones.

    Can help - have to get my garage stairway in so I can clean up my back basement and get to my tools again - what a freakin' mess!:o

    I've got a couple minor ones to do:

    1) New tweets for the Dahlquists
    2) New crossovers for the Bostons
    3) New crossovers for the MMG's (easy!)
    4) Redo this room and get my "stuff" in the center so I don't have 500 feet of cable clutsing up the place!!:p

    Just whistle...
  5. ALL212
    The one I bought is really, really nicely done and I pretty much stole it.

    Sell it and get the one on Ebay!!!
  6. heiney9
    Congrats on the Odyssey purchase!!

    The one on e-bay is really cool looking. These things are so simple and I am floored at how good it sounds. A total of 9 parts with the I/C chip. Ridiculous how simple it is. But I like simple......simple is best. I need to check the DC offset to make sure it's not to high and if it's common ground as I want to run it with the SDA's. I assume you have VOM? The only downside is there is no output protection or DC blocking. You can add all that stuff but then it just makes it more complicated and many feel by adding those things it influences the sound too much.

    The bass is amazing even at whisper volumes
  7. ALL212
    I assume you have VOM?

    My wife swears I lost my VOM years ago but I'd bet I can still ...oh...that VOM!

    Yes, I do have one of those.:o
  8. ALL212
    I'm running my Dared with Valvo JAN tubes (got Falcons?!) against Polk RTI-6's. It's nice...real nice!
  9. LessisNevermore
    Page 500!

    Hey A2, welcome back!
    Some busy, gear buyin' beavers around these parts.....:D
  10. heiney9
    This gainclone with the Dared pre sounds very similar to the Dared MP5 but it's much more dynamic and fuller. I have Siemens Falcon logo's for the MP5 that sound real nice. My Telefunkens I bought from Germany (quad) never showed. I'm in the process of working out a replacement or refund with the seller right now. I was looking forward to those and I got a good deal on a slightly used quad. Less than $40 shipped! for the MP5.

    Blake's MP5 is still in the box-lol

    Here's what I bought to mate with the Dared Sl2000A tube pre
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