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  1. ALL212
    Said in the fashion of a famous cereal ad...

    I know...let's see if Blake will buy the gainclone on Ebay...!;) He'll buy anything!:D
  2. ALL212
    Gents - gute Nacht.
  3. dkg999
    Congrats on the Oydessy amp purchase! I would love to hear those sometime with your MMG's!

    Did you ever think we would get to 5000 posts in this group!
  4. daboyz
    I think my daughter can throw out 300 text messages(at least) per day so the 5,000 mark is chicken feed.......
  5. LessisNevermore
    Did you ever think we would get to 5000 posts in this group!

    Especially inside of a year!
  6. Ricardo
    What tubes did you like again Ricardo?

    Brock, between posting here and in the main forum, I must have said this 10 times already :p

    Siemens 12AT7. They made the dared sound very good.

    I would try these at $25 each (scroll down just a bit)
  7. blakeh
    I don't know why all of you have been raving about those little Dared/Sonic Integrity integrated units. Mine sounds like crap. No soundstage, imaging or bass. There are times when I could swear it's not even turned on. Maybe I don't have it hooked up right. I'll admit that it's not placed optimally in the room, but I would think I should hear SOMETHING.

    I probably just need better cables...

  8. heiney9
    Looking good Blake......don;t strain your ears.

    Doug, here's an LSiC on the forum
  9. daboyz
    $195 plus ship is a great price.
  10. heiney9
    Blake, call me I've been calling you all morning......thanks
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