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  1. heiney9
    Ok, I have some serious RF issues going on here. First off there is a fairly loud hum and slight hiss coming from the 5B's even when your about 6-8" away from the speaker. As I put my ear closer to the tweeter I can hear a faint radio station in the background in addition to the buzz and hiss. Before the Dared pre I had no issues.

    Second very strange is if I have the receiver to my cordless phone on and with in a foot or closer to the Dared pre I get this real loud buzzing until I turn the receiver off. As I move it closer and farther away the buzz (pulsing) gets louder.

    WTF? I had some similar hum/buzz/RF issues with the Dodd too. I don;t think its the amp because I had some similar (minor) issues when the Dared pre was hooked in the main rig.

    What should I do to try and solve this problem?
  2. blakeh
    I have a pretty cool girlfriend. She just texted me a picture of a tube tester she found in one of the antique stores she visited while on a weekend trip with her mom to Michigan. It's a Jackson Dynamic Tube Tester. It looks a little rough she said. They're asking $100 for it.

    Anyone familiar with this particular unit? She said she'd buy it an haul it back for me if I was interested.
  3. Ricardo

    I had similar issues with the Dared; picked up radio stations. It's all in the tubes. That's why for me tubes is a love/hate thing. Once you get the right tubes you're in heaven. But try to get an exact set as replacement, and you spend hundreds because you always get some issue. Microphonics being the worst.
  4. heiney9
    Blake, you need to find out what tubes it's able to test and if it has the instruction manual. Tell her to offer $65. It looks very old!

    Thanks Ricardo, I am just now finding out why I was so hesitant about getting into tubes in the first place. So far not thrilled with all the extraneous noise. But I'm not giving up. I'll give this rig a good chance and if it doesn;t work out I'll flip it. Already have a forum member interested in the gainclone if it doesn;t work out for me.

  5. ALL212
    Ok, I have some serious RF issues going on here.

    Ever since I wrapped my head in tinfoil I've not had those issues. :o

    I've not tested this with my stereo equipment though. I think you'll need to cut a hole for the power cord - don't try to just plug the cord through the tinfoil into the outlet as I think you might be able to short it out.
  6. heiney9
    Tube adventure! Researching equivalents sure is confounding to say the least. So the story with the Dared is it was obviously shipped with Chinese tubes and while 12AT7's and equivalents are easy to identify simply because of some popularity, the same can not be said of the rectifying tube.

    The seller sent the original (5Z4P, the "P" indicating it's Russian or Chinese) which I've been able to determine w/ relative confidence is the exact same as the 5Z4G, GZ30, CV1863 and possibly the GZ32.

    He also sent a GZ34 which supposedly adds 20V to the B+ side of the transformer. He also sent a 5Y3GT which I put in this morning and within a minute I smelled a sort of acrid hot smell, so I shut everything down pulled the tube and put in the "original" 5Z4P.

    So I guess I'm just going to buy a NOS replacement of either GZ30, GZ32, 5Z4G, or CV1863 from a decent manufacturer and leave the rest he sent alone as I have no clue if they work well or not.

    Any direction would be helpful
  7. heiney9
    Ok, moving in a positive direction now that I the properly "ranged" rectifier tube in place. The GZ34 had too much voltage which made the output of the pre sound very "hot" overbearing and forward; too much gain. I was slightly disappointed yesterday with the sound and wasn't sure if it was pre-amp related or amp related. Well what I was hearing yesterday was pre-related and the past 3 hours with this new set-up has been complete audio nirvana.

    The guy who built this gainclone amp executed it to a very high standard and I can say the Black Gate caps in this "premium" kit are really worth it. I did some on-line searching and the BG's alone are worth about $125 if you can find them ($75 alone for the 4 caps on the amp board from Sonicraft). I have read numerous gainclone builders impressions when using the BG's and there is no comparison. This amp and pre combo with the 5B's sounds excellent.....almost too good for a secondary system.

  8. heiney9

    I continue to be amazed at how good this system sounds. I was totally enamored with the little tubed integrated. This new set-up, by way of a larger transformer, BG caps and 56wpc has taken it up quite a few notches. The gainclone chip-amp when properly executed sounds absolutely fantastic. I take back all the nasty things I've said about IC based amps. Will it actually power a moderate to difficult load like SDA's? How will it sound with a buffered pre or SS pre? Not sure, but right now I am totally floored. You local guys will have to stop by and hear for yourselves.

    I am still having issues with hiss/hum/RF coming from the pre (I assume). It also doesn't hurt that the Dared uses Auricaps for coupling caps. That is a very nice upgrade and not cheap either.
  9. LessisNevermore
    Brock, congrats on the new amp, can't wait to hear it!
    I picked up a Blu ray of Iron Maiden-Flight 666. BALLLS does this sound good!
    Dickinson is hitting all the notes of old. The downside, is that the set list is compiled from multiple venues, so SQ is not even across all tracks. The upside, is that the bad tracks still sound really, really good. The good tracks are flat-out, incredible. (also avail. on dvd) My friend and I were listening at 103db from 17 ft. Not a hint of harshness or fatigue.:D It took us back to when we got to meet Nicko and Steve Harris, a couple years ago- backstage at Ozzfest.
  10. LessisNevermore
    Still working on the panel placement, and wood tops for the acoustic treatments. I had to take a couple days off to do some remodel work for the MIL. Only 2 of the panels are hung, the rest are in temporary locations. I had the house to myself yesterday, so I really threw down a gauntlet of music.

    The imaging was decent to good before, now on some recordings, I'm getting the full 3-D effect. (even with the Emo:p) A couple tweaks of the speaker toe-in, and it quickly turned into a giggle fest!:D (even with the Emo)

    Blake, thanks so much for turning me on to the AC DC re-masters! I bought Highway to Hell, and holy ****! does this sound good:D

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