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  1. LessisNevermore

    Now I need to get me some of those highfalutin' audiophile favorites....any recommendations? I appreciate classical, but not enough to run out and purchase. My tastes are mainly rock, metal, contemporary jazz, 70's fusion, old-school country, southern rock, and progressive.

    The best of all possible news, is that the wife noticed an immediate difference in sound, justifying every dollar spent on the room.:D
  2. heiney9
    The best of all possible news, is that the wife noticed an immediate difference in sound, justifying every dollar spent on the room.

    It also mean more expenditures in the future should go without question from her!! Glad to hear things are shaping up. The Iron Maiden sounds like a great listen, I need to revisit my youth as those were the bands I grew up with and tend to not pull them out often enough anymore. I always enjoyed Iron Maiden, still do.
  3. SCompRacer
    Duell, good to hear that about your DIY acoustic treatments!
  4. comfortablycurt
    I'm thinking about snagging this GFP-710...if it goes for the right price.
  5. ALL212
    equivalents are easy to identify simply because of some popularity, the same can not be said of the rectifying tube.

    From my big book of tube schtuff...

    I have 4 basic variables on rectifying tubes:

    5AR - develops 413 volts in .2 seconds - voltage drop : -17 volts @ 225ma

    5U4 - develops 357 volts in .44 seconds - voltage drop : -44 volts @ 225ma

    5R4 - develops 330 volts in .44 seconds - no data listed

    5Y3 - develops 303 volts in .44 seconds - voltage drop : -60 volts @ 125ma

    Solid state - about 450 volts in .1 second

    Can always put a "larger" rectifier tube in place of a smaller - go down the scale (put a 5AR tube in a unit designed for a 5Y3) - but never a bigger one (a 5Y3 tube in an amp designed for a 5U4). Magic smoke is important - keep it IN the components!!:D

    My Granite Pre uses the 5Y3 - some very nice old "coke bottle" tubes - I've got one of the tall versions and it is built like a tank!
  6. dkg999
    Ahhh, a very enjoyable night in downtown Boston! A few Killian's, some good seafood, and some old friends I haven't seen in a while. A late afternoon trip to Spearit Sound, and an early evening stroll through Newbury Comics. Picked up a Jimi Hendrix Live at Montreaux LP, on the QuietX vinyl, that on the Steve Hoffman form good things have been spoken of it. Hopefully having an LP in your briefcase/back-pack isn't a cause for concern by the TSA!
  7. SCompRacer
    Welcome back Doug. I'd bet a buck that anyone who confiscated your LP would have a turntable at home.
  8. heiney9
    Thanks for the info A2, we need to talk face to face soon. Love/Hate=Tubes. Really digging the RCA 6201's with the original rectifier. :). With the GZ34 rectifier they sounded like doo doo!

    Oh Yeah, Synergy is a BITCH Too!!!
  9. SCompRacer
    Just listen to Face, rectifier tube effect is minimal. I mean cables can make a difference, but rectifier tubes won’t. The main forum is so ****ed up with mis-information it is a chore to read the responses. No use replying as it is all about Sheppard’s and sheep, not facts.
  10. dkg999
    Rich - not back yet! It's going to be a long week on the road. I'm going to be a hurting unit by Friday.

    Nothing matters until you try it for yourself. Unfortunately most of the people posting don't have the ability to put their money where their mouth is, so hey talk is cheap, and that's all it is.
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