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  1. SCompRacer
    Well, I retract my welcome back and say have fun on the road.;)

    I use 5AR4 RCA branded Mullards from Tube World in my ModWright powers supplies. Seems most folks with ModWright gear prefer the bass from the fat base and metal base 5AR4 rectifier tubes. Now the metal base could cause a placebo effect, as Brendan told me the fat base and metal base have the same innards. Yet folks claim the metal base are better than the fat base. I've tried all three (back a couple years when the metal base were reasonably priced), and stuck with the rebranded Mullards.
  2. heiney9
    I hear ya guys about the main forum!

    I am taking Ricardo's advice and getting some Siemens and probably a pair of Mullards even though most say they don't sound good in this pre. I need synergy with the gainclone which is a very analytical, steely, precise presentation. Startling in some respects in it's truthfulness. It's never harsh or grainy or hashy, just very precise and "alive", perhaps the mellower characteristics of a Mullard tube will be a nice match with this particular rig.

    I'm taking it slow and trying not to burn up too much cash :p. Afterall it is a secondary rig, but I'm not in a big hurry to get there......well I am but I'm going to be methodical in how I do things.
  3. LessisNevermore
    I'm taking it slow and trying not to burn up too much cash

    LOL, every time you say that, within a few days-you post up something else you just bought.....:p:D:D

    You're hooked, BAD. (not that it's a bad thing)
  4. heiney9
    Yep, just sitting here before sacking out listening to The Number of The Beast cruising e-bay for tubes :D:p
  5. SCompRacer
    Brock's on a steady buying spree....LOL

    I bought something too. Home Theatre stuff, so low on the excitement meter. Got tired of waiting for dakmart to fill my order for a Denon AVR, so I cancelled and went with a refurbed Marantz SR7002 from accessories4 less. Plenty of HDMI inputs so no more changing inputs on the TV. It will upconvert more than one level, so I can leave that old combo DVD/VHS player connected for the time being and it should ouptput via HDMI. Not sure what quality picture with that much upconversion, but no changing inputs on the TV. Makes it easier for dear wife, and we all know how that benefits the male. A4less indicates if items are in stock, unlike dakmart. Dakmart has 12 ad's on ebay along with listings on their web site for gear they don't have in stock.

    I'll most likely sell the Denon 3805. No HDMI so looks like ebay for it. Most likely sell my Denon 2910 DVD player too.
  6. blakeh
  7. comfortablycurt
    Rich-Nice...I've heard great things about the Marantz AVR's.

    Let me know if you decide to sell the Denon 2910...I might take it off your hands. That'd make a great temporary CDP for the 2 channel rig. I've heard the 2910's are very solid SACD players. don't see too many TL's pop up in the mid-west. I wish I had the money...
  8. SCompRacer
    I've heard the 2910's are very solid SACD players

    They do CD's pretty good too. They are low output, like 1.65 volts, compared to other players (2.0 volts output is not uncommon). Easy to find out what a CD player outputs. Just play test tones and measure the output with an AC voltmeter. I have found no difference in output regardless of the tone frequency, but 1K could be a standard. It has to be constant output to get a steady reading. I'll let you know.

    I've heard great things about the Marantz AVR's

    Carl and Ed said so too.

    Duell, I had to return the AB tester. If you wish to use it when you get the Emo player, give me some lead time and I'll ask for it again.
  9. Ricardo
    The 2910 is a great player. I am using one right now while the Marantz is being repaired, and I have to say I have not missed the Marantz.

    Rich, the 3805 is an excellent AVR. Too bad HT stuff keeps bringing all these new things and we are "forced" to upgrade.

    I won't repeat this, but sometimes I think my old 3803 sounded better than my new 3808
  10. heiney9
    I have 4 basic variables on rectifying tubes:

    5AR - develops 413 volts in .2 seconds - voltage drop : -17 volts @ 225ma

    5U4 - develops 357 volts in .44 seconds - voltage drop : -44 volts @ 225ma

    5R4 - develops 330 volts in .44 seconds - no data listed

    5Y3 - develops 303 volts in .44 seconds - voltage drop : -60 volts @ 125ma

    Solid state - about 450 volts in .1 second

    Can always put a "larger" rectifier tube in place of a smaller - go down the scale (put a 5AR tube in a unit designed for a 5Y3) - but never a bigger one (a 5Y3 tube in an amp designed for a 5U4). Magic smoke is important - keep it IN the components!!

    So.........where does the 5Z4 (GZ30) fit in? The specs say:

    SL-2000A adapts one of the best classic circuit designs utilizing a 4-pin 5Z4P (can use 4-pin 5Y3 or GZ30 too) rectifier tube (click to see) at power section.
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