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  1. heiney9
    I'm thinking about these:

    I'm thinking about these:



    Can anyone tell me if the 5C4S is the same tube as the 5Z4S? getting confused again.
  2. heiney9
    Duell, I hate to say it but I think you're right. There may be a purchase shortly here. Having a hard time parting with $90 for a matched pair of Philips Gold Pin-(pretty rare) E81CC. Most (retail) places have them for between $99-$149 a piece.

    E81CC or ECC801S:
    Extremely rare vacuum tubes, these are usually found only in the Telefunken or Siemens or Philips brand. Special screening was used to select them for audio use and low noise, and they have a 10,000 hour heater. The ECC801S Telefunken is the rarest, and the E81CC only a little more common. Both are excellent, low noise, finely crafted tubes. Very rare and sound amazing!

    DAMN THIS HOBBY!!!!!!!! Close to pulling the trigger! I just bought (5) RCA 6211's which are nice lower gain alt. to 12AT7. A little more mellow and smooth will a slightly lower Mu. I needed a little lower gain.
  3. LessisNevermore
    Nah bud, I was just bustin' your chops.:D

    Mu (moo)

    A fair question:
    What will you guys do when the bestest, rarestest tubes are all gone? Go back to SS?
    Honestly, with the interest in tube gear seemingly on the rise, why aren't more companies building tube making machines again, and making new and improved ones? I know it's still a niche market, but if someone were to produce consistently superior tubes, wouldn't they be in high demand?

    I mean, there seems to be a new company cropping up weekly, making new tube gear...
  4. heiney9
    The supply seems to be endless, except for some of the rarer types/manufacturer's, even those are still somewhat readily avail; albeit at a higher cost.

    It's my understanding that many of the "original" tube making hardware has long been parted out, melted down, sold as scrap or destroyed. It's sort of like the first printing presses, no way could we "craft" something that would be as nice as the originals.

    That's not to say there aren't decent tubes being made today because there are, but it would be like using modern methods to paint a "replica" Picassso, or Matisse, etc. It can't be exactly duplicated. Plus much of the original materials used in old tubes either doesn;t exist or is no longer avail.

    Tubes produced today would be close but not exactly the same as those produced 40-60 years ago w/o the original tube making machines and materials from then.
  5. heiney9
    You have to remember that while tubes seem to be making a resurgence, they still account for very low numbers of pieces sold. China and Russia still produce tubes and most of the tube gear is Chinese these days. Most of the Chinese tubes produced today are very inferior to NOS supplies. Some of the Russian tubes are actually pretty good.

    Between Russia and the USA with the end of the cold war there are huge surpluses of certain tubes so I think we are set for awhile. To me $150-$300 for a matched pair of RARE tubes is expensive, but it's still well within a typical audiophiles budget. It also seems high end retailers mark the **** out of tubes as well, compared to dealing, buying on E-bay, etc.
  6. Ricardo
    Brock, tubes will drive you crazy....or broke!!!

    Ain't it a bitch??? Always trying to find that tube that will sound a little better?
  7. dkg999
    Some of the new production Sovtek and Mullard tubes are very nice. I'm running mostly new production tubes in my gear, and very happy with it. I just compared some vintage RCA clear top tubes with the Sovtek LPS, and I liked the Sovtek better overall.
  8. heiney9
    Brock, tubes will drive you crazy....or broke!!!
    Ain't it a bitch??? Always trying to find that tube that will sound a little better?

    That is the God's honest truth!!!! I also bought a pair of GE JAN 5965 from the same seller as the RCA 6211 to combine shipping (Florida).

    Here's why I have a headache...........look at all the damn designations and production of various tubes. From this list I now have ECC81, 6201, 6211 and 5965 :o:(:)

    I bought the (5) RCA 6211's for $24.95 and (3) GE JAN 5965's for $9.95 so I'm not in the poor house. I bought these based on the write-up from the above link. They should work just fine, I hope.

    Next up is nailing down a nice vintage (not outrageously expensive) rectifier tube. And when I get my refund for the lost Telefunkens probably a pair of Siemens or the Philips gold pin E81CC.
  9. Ricardo
    I just spent $260 on six tubes for my pre from Tube World. Too much? Well, I should have done this way back (from Tube World or any of the other reliable sellers). I get high quality, tested and backed tubes. I have spent a lot more buying "cheap" tubes from ebay and other sources, to find that there's always something wrong, or I just get the feeling that I'm not getting what I should.
  10. dkg999
    I always get a little worried when it comes to ordering tubes from Wisconsin! That and I hate the Tube World web site. Just give me an order form with current inventory and prices ...... is that too much to ask?
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