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  1. daboyz
    Aaron - Doh!!!! I've never had the luck of spilling anything on the wifey. Definitely cool she kept the night alive for ya'll. Bummed I missed it.
  2. dkg999
    Sounds like a good time! Sure wish I hadn't made some family committments, especially with the way the weather was Friday for the drive back to IA. I got everything accomplished, but man did the weather just suck! I'll try to be available for the next show, and I agree we should do more of these types of events and get togethers!
  3. Ricardo
    "I suggest a surprise visit to Ricardo's while he's not there and the audio gear is unguarded"

    Ha ha; I'm in Caracas right now and will be back Jan 3rd. But there's "somebody" there while we are away ;)

    I am about 90 minutes from Noel. A surprise visit would be great, though you would be better fed if you let me know in advance.
  4. dkg999
    A friend surprised me this weekend with brand new copy of the Led Zep The Song Remains the Same boxed LP set! Guess what will be playing tomorrow while I work from home!
  5. SCompRacer
    A friend surprised me....Led Zep....

    Way Kewl! I got a piece of coal so far.

    Brock, when I have a date for the trip to Indiana, I'll let you know. Clear weather along with an open day in Doug's schedule will be a factor in deciding when to go.
  6. dkg999
    Rich - well, that same friend has been borrowing a pre-amp of mine for about 10 yrs, so maybe it was more of an interest payment! At this moment I can't even remember which pre-amp of mine he has. I guess I better stop over to thank him for the LP and take a gander!

    I'm working my way thru the Led Zep TSRTS tonight. I remember basically tossing the CD of this because the recording sounded so lifeless. I know there is some controversy if you read the internet forums on the Led Zep boxed sets. Mother Ship gets a pretty much unanimous thumbs down. TSRTS comments seem to focus on whether this is an all analog mastering, or analog to digital tape to analog pressing. In my opinion TSRTS vinyl sounds very, very good! It blows away the CD version. Very lively recording and SQ, just a hint of compression. Very nice bass.

    The weekend of Jan 10 is looking good for me.

  7. SCompRacer
    that same friend has been borrowing a pre-amp of mine for about 10 yrs

    Interest payment in the least! LOL

    I recall the threads over at SH forums about the Zep remasters on vinyl.

    I'll pencil in the 10th and put in for a day off the 9th. No sleep and an eight hour ride won't work well for me.
  8. dkg999
    On the continuation of my musical journey .............

    If you like Irish folk/rock/blues - then besides the Richard Thompson LP referenced previously, check out Live from Austin TX - Richard Thompson - Austin City Limits. This CD is very well recorded and the selection of songs is fantastic. I'm going to guess this is a good one for SDA's! No Britney Spears covers, but still good! Richard Thompson is the former singer/guitarist with Fairport Convention, I knew I had heard that voice before!
  9. daboyz
    Merry Christmas, RAS!!!
  10. SCompRacer
    Merry Christmas, RAS!!!

    Merry Christmas Dave!

    Merry Christmas RAS! (It will be real merry once I get off work a little after midnight!)
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