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  1. McLoki
    Mike - Thanks for chiming in,I always wonder if you're lurking or not. I've been tempted to call you a name a couple times just to see if you're

    Dave - MARCO!!!!!!!!!

    Dave - just trying to keep you strong! Nothing wrong with having LSi15's!
    Thanks doug (always nice to get validation from someone - although I do really want to upgrade the crossovers in them)..... :D
  2. ALL212
    Bull****. You need to stop reading books and get more experience with tube rectified gear.

    Ahhh...something with meat on it!:D

    5Y3 - what would you recommend and what would I listen for in a difference in sound?
  3. LessisNevermore
    Dave, I'm thinking you should hit some garage sales, and find an old ass waffle iron, and send it to Noosh.:D (anonymously, of course)
  4. Ricardo
    Brock, too bad you didn't get those ASL's; I had a pair of ASL 20's that I modded with Mundorf caps and paired with Von Schweikert VR-1's they were very sweet. Sold them to George Daniels, and have missed them ever since.

    Long day today; orientation at UC with my son Andres from 7 am to 8 pm; going back tomorrow. Very nice campus.
  5. SCompRacer
    what would you recommend and what would I listen for in a difference in sound

    Good question. All I know is ModWright gear responds to different, higher quality rectifier tubes. Going from a Sovtek 5AR4 to an NOS Mullard/fat base/metal base 5AR4 resulted in improved bass output. Others claim mids or high differences too. Check out the ModWright forum at Audio Circle and there are numerous tube threads (rectifier included) for the SWL 9.0, SWLP 9.0 and 36.5 pre amps. Or it is all our imagination. Or maybe the Sovtek 5AR4 tubes were/are not the best.

    I asked Dan long ago about this, as the rectifier tube question has been asked before in other gear. We humans tend to regurgitate what others before us have asked as we experience it. He told me he used chokes in his design, while others do not, and that could be why. Nothing definitive or absolute, just I use chokes.
  6. SCompRacer
    A2, how about your new amps? I forgot, what did you have before?
  7. ALL212
    what did you have before?

    I had...still have the Odyssey Stratos - big brother to the Khartago as far as case size and options go - but mine was a green board - lower optioned - unit. Klaus told me when I bought the Stratos that I should go for a pair of mono's and red boards if at all possible - at that time he did offer a great price for them as well - not much more than I got these for.

    I'm hoping to figure out a subwoofer someday and use the Stratos for that. Could also send it in for the red board upgrade...

    I pulled the MMG's out and put the Dahlquists back in again - got tired of absolutely no bass. Dahlquists won't kick you back in your chair but at least they try. :o Don't get me wrong - I really like the MMG's.:)
  8. ALL212
    New amps are better sounding - probably should have spent the extra up front ...but then I wouldn't have an "extra" amp to play around with.

    Cleaner - clearer. Bit more "air". Controls the speakers better - snappier?

    Spec wise they have the same power as the Stratos but about 3x the current capability and another 60% or so more damping factor.

    They do run a bit warmer also but the Statos has some killer heat sinks on it.
  9. SCompRacer
    probably should have spent the extra up front

    I think we have all been there before. Sure makes you appreciate them more though.


    Oh yeah. Follows the musical nuances better. Improved low level as well as higher SPL listening. Don't forget room treatments.

    DIY stereo subs are in order. I’d guess ideally they should go up to 300Hz, 260Hz min, +-3dB. I forgot what Doug uses with his maggies, and the specs on them. My TL bass modules cross at 360Hz on the panels, 600WPC and they blend nicely. You coud do digital active xovers cheaply for the subs. IIRC, Sanders told me it would run $300 for a digital xover for my speakers. Then the fun begins, dialing it all in.

    Carl tells me the remaining parts are enroute for the Hagerman. Guess I'll be busy.
  10. ALL212
    ARS - Champagn Jam, OMR - way cool - Master Goddard sounds so cool on his "jam"!
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