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  1. daboyz
    Ok,everybody sitting?

    In the last couple days wifey and I have been discussing the 2 channel rig and she even listened. She wasn't impressed but liked it anyway. Now here's the rub. I'll basically be selling off everything except the SDA's,Adcom amp and pre, Rti6's and probably the MIT speaker cables. I really do not have a spot to set up a listening area and definitely wont in this house.

    Once the basement is finished the HT will go down there and the 2 CH will not go to the great room as I had hoped. So I am going to probably set up an all Lsi HT and it will double as my 2 CH. The SDA's will be able to make special appearances.;) I am waiting on Aaron about the Marsh but everything else is up for grabs.

    Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted but it'll be fun to hunt down Lsi's as the funds become available. I've got the LsiC from Nick already.:)

  2. dkg999
    I'd keep the Marsh A200s and drive the LSi fronts with it! It's set up with dual speaker terminals on each channel, so perfect for bi-wiring either LSi9 or LSi15 fronts.

    I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. We had a great Christmas at the farm in IA, in spite of some ups&downs in the weather. We came back to IL today. Other than picking up some new/used LP's, a couple of CD's, and a BB King live BD, I didn't pick up much audio related. I did find some jaw-dropping deals on tools, so came back with some nice additions to the shop!
  3. SCompRacer
    Dave, that LsiC was a great snag. I was thinking of jumping on it myself, but passed. +1 to what Doug said. Lsi9ís or 15ís will make for a great two channel and HT setup. Have you started any framing down there, or are you in the planning stages?

    We had a quiet xmas and New Years. As usual, work gets in the way on xmas eve and New Years eve. Hopefully not a sign of things to come for the New Year, our main refrigerator puked Monday night (the 22nd). We couldnít get delivery of a new one until this afternoon. Damn thing was only 8 years old.

    Doug (and Brock) I am taking the 9th off and plan to go to pick up the speakers from Noel on the 10th. (Although getting off at 5AM on Saturday morn and driving 8 hours could be interesting:p). Of course weather conditions will determine if the trip would happen. Mapquest says near 4 hours one way from my place to his, so it would be a long day for you with your drive down to me.
  4. daboyz
    Doug - It's a thought so if Aaron doesn't want it I may keep it. But, I need to finance the other speakers. Plus, I already hwve the Adcom 5 channel so rack space would be limited. I really think I just need to simplify and be happy for now. If later down the road I can build another nice 2 channel then I will.

    Rich - Didn't you say you wish you had something with tubes? That Dodd is calling your name.;) Yeah, I really like the Lsi sound so I haven't decided to get 15's for the front and 9's in the rear or 9's and 7's or fx's. All depends on availability and price. I was really surprised to see that center for the price so I jumped on it.:D

    Mmadden is selling the 9's that he bought refurbed but it will only save me $40 and lose warranty so not that great a deal.
  5. SCompRacer
    Didn't you say you wish you had something with tubes?

    I gots tubes, just nothing that takes 6922's. Used to. I'm into them 5687's and their variants now. It's a taint tube, kinda between tubes and SS sounding. Was thinking of a 6922 tube CDP for my retro, back to the past system. I have a Yammy integrated to feed the Polk 7a's and am thinkin I won't like it all SS.
  6. heiney9

    Out of curosity, what are you looking to get for the Marsh? I'm aching for something new and the Pass thing just doesn't seem to be working in my favor right now. This might be a good intermediate step. Of course Aaron has first shot!
  7. daboyz
    $500 is what I want to get for it.
  8. heiney9
    $500 is what I want to get for it.

    Keep me in the loop if Aaron doesn't take it. That was Ricardo's right? I won't hold up you're sale but consider me 2nd in line after Aaron.

    What time is good on Sunday to pick up the Signals..........or we can wait and see if we can do a deal with the Marsh. Not sure what your time frame is for the sale.
  9. daboyz
    Brock - The Signals are part of the Lsi9 fund with the Marsh so it'll be fine to hold off a couple days. Aaron said he should know this weekend. I saw Aaron was looking for his bro and offered up the 8's but if anyone knows someone local give me a shout. I may try to sell those through the paper because I really do not want to ship them.
  10. Lowell_M
    Don't hold up your Rti sale for me, Dave. My bro might take some time.

    I have the Marsh hooked up, but MIchele has yet to listen to it. (ugh) Man, oh man, does it sound good. When I first powered it on I was thinking I'd probably be dissapointed and there wouldn't be much difference, but the damn thing does everything that I like about the ADCOM, and does a few things better. It seems to add some detail to the sound, while smoothing it out at the same time. Bass response is unbelievable.

    I'll get Michele in front of it this afternoon (which was the point of me borrowing Dougs), but I'm 99% certain your Marsh will end up in my living room.

    Happy New Year all!!
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