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  1. SCompRacer
    Well...I just pulled the trigger on the Acurus L10

    Good for you! Nice of mega to stay on the side. If you don't care for the pre, sounds like you have a buyer lined up. I presume it has no phono stage. Like I mentioned before, the Hagerman Bugle is very nice.

    Here is one offered at Audiogon in Orland Park.
    I think the asking price is high. One sold quickly priced at $55.

    You got wheels yet? Got stuff here waiting for you.
  2. Ricardo
    FYI - We got a frontload washer and matching dryer. It works well, but for the $2,800 we paid ....

    WHAT???? Do you know how much gear you can buy with that? And don't you have a river close buy to go wash the clothes?? ;)
  3. heiney9
    Well so much for disease is strong :D. Just won some 1950 Raytheon 6414 Orange label, triple mica, black plate w/ D getters. FAAK, I just couldn;t resist. I guess I can wash my clothes in the kitchen sink! :p
  4. dkg999
    I guess I can wash my clothes in the kitchen sink!

    Now that's a true audiophile type of thought process!
  5. dkg999
    Well we made Memphis! Spent Thur afternoon horseback riding outside of Nashville TN. Great facility for riding, Sierra had a good time! Long drive to Memphis, but we're close to Graceland and had dinner at Marlowe's tonight. Off to Graceland, Stax Studio, Sun Studio, and hopefully BB King's cafe on Beale Street for dinner. Friday night at the Heartbreak Hotel, and then a long trip home. I'd love to fit in the Memphis Zoo, hopefully we have time!
  6. Ricardo
    Sounds like a great vacation with your daughter. Enjoy her as much as you can a couple of years going out with dad will be so boring ;)
  7. Ricardo
    BTW Doug, I decided I will just keep the Gallos and not do the MMG's mods. So they are available. Not in a hurry for now, but you never know.
  8. Ricardo
    Curt, congrats on the pre; there are a few "cheap" preamps out there that sound very good, and from what I've read this is one of them. I'm sure you'll be happy with it.
  9. heiney9
    Tube question for Rich or anyone who might know. If I'm using a pair of tubes with a lower Mu and plate voltage will it also cause the rectifier tube to use less power? I seem to notice the rectifier seems to glow less intensely with the 6211's than it does with the 12AT7's.
  10. Ricardo
    Brock, stop looking at the tubes, stop changing tubes, stop buying tubes. JUST LISTEN :D
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