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  1. dkg999
    Ricardo - Brock's gone past the point of worrying about how the tubes sound. He's probably just sitting there looking at the warm glow of the tubes and breaking out the marshmallows and smores supplies!
  2. heiney9
    I know Ricardo :D. I've already determined which I really like and which are probably going on the block. The RCA 6211 is an amazing sounding tube in my set-up. Lower gain, very mellow w/o missing any detail, and in the dark (just the light of the monitor) it sounds like I have mini-SDA's running. Big sound stage. The 6211's lack the final authority of bass the RFT's seem to have.

    The RFT ECC81's are very analytical and just to bright and they don't have the great midrange a tube "is" supposed to have. On brighter source material it's actually too much and fatigue sets in.

    I also won a 1950 NOS RCA 5V4G rectifier tube. Get rid of this Chinese piece of crap which actually is starting to rust on the base. I've been PMing Mike (Keiko) as he just picked up one of these (Dared Sl2000A) brand new and he said his rectifier tube base was rusting as well :)
  3. heiney9
    Who would have thought a moderately priced tube pre-amp mated to a DIY (hot rodded) gainclone chip amp running FLAC files thru a 10 year old DAC into modded 23 year old Polk midsized Monitors using DIY Canare speaker cables and Signal Cable I/C's would sound so fricking fantastic. A few years ago.......................not I.
  4. comfortablycurt
    I presume it has no phono stage.

    That's correct. I'm gonna have to start looking around at phono pre's pretty soon. I'll definitely keep the Hagerman in mind.

    You got wheels yet? Got stuff here waiting for you.

    Not yet...there's been a slight change of plans. I decided not to fix my car for the time being. My mom just got a new car, and I'm buying her old one...a '96 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I'm not going to have it for another month or so though.

    If you need to get the stuff out of your way sooner than that, let me know. I might be able to figure out a way out there.
  5. heiney9
    How about these for the office rig? Seems like a pretty good deal.
  6. SCompRacer
    I go along with that Brock..the rectifier doesn't have to pass as much juice. You sure are into this tube stuff.

    The Chinese are still having difficulty with metals. Sure, they can produce a bunch of it and cheaply, but I wonder when and/or if they will ever get it consistently right. Norm was in the steel biz, and often talked about that. Carl was too the other day. I guess they are really into steel meeting ISO certifications for use in nuke plants.
  7. SCompRacer
    If you need to get the stuff out of your way sooner

    Na, just giving you a hard time. Sounds good about the car. Congrats. What did mom get? She would let you use to come out here, right?:D
  8. comfortablycurt
    What did mom get?

    It's not really a new car...but new to her. It's an '85 Monte Carlo SS...same body style as our hot rod, but stock. It's in almost perfect shape. Only 28,000 original miles. Not a spot of rust anywhere on it.

    She wanted her own "hot rod" since she can't drive the other one. She's not really comfortable driving stick, and doesn't want to learn...especially when there's about 500 hp on

    The Grand Prix I'm getting is pretty nice. It's got about 165,000 miles on it, but it's been maintained well and has had a lot of parts replaced already. The cheapo plastic fender flares could stand for replacing though...they're really sunfaded.

    It's the GTP version...with the bigger engine. It's a 3.4 liter DOHC 24 valve's a pretty peppy engine.
  9. SCompRacer
    it's a pretty peppy engine

    Lets slap some blow on there! I've been eyeing up these variable vane turbos used on the Sprinters here.

    My wife had an '86 Monte Carlo LS, late model year revision with the wrap around headlights. That really made the styling for that car. Black, Grey interior, wire wheels. Loaded. Nice ride.

    Like this, only Black with wire wheels.
  10. comfortablycurt
    Lets slap some blow on there!

    I've already looked around for mods/upgrades. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot readily available for this engine. The 3.4 DOHC 24 valve engines were a bit obscure though...GM only used them for a couple years IIRC.

    The basic cold air intake, computer chip upgrades are available, but nothing much aside from that. It's a really cramped engine bay too...doing a turbo install would take a TON of work.

    My wife had an '86 Monte Carlo LS,

    I've always loved the 80's Monte's. One of the few good looking cars that come out of the 80's IMO.
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