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  1. dkg999
    Wow, I need to check in more often!

    Rich - I should be up for the road trip, and I can take the first shift so you can sleep some.

    I'm recovering from Jimmy John's trying to kill me! My daughter and I stopped in the JJ's by Woodman's around 2:30 pm on Friday, and by 6:30 my freaky fast sandwich had turned into freaky projectile vomiting! I'm sure it was food poisening because within 30 min of emptying my stomach, all the symptoms were gone.
  2. heiney9
    Sorry to hear Doug......I love JJ's and go the one you mention a lot, no issues......but certainly get some poisoning from time to time from eating out. I'll let you guys know later in the week if I can make it......looks good though.

    Dave, I was more or less speaking out loud, I need to finish my music server before I jump into a new amp. Sounds like it's sold anyways.....makes my decision (agony) much easier :D.

    I really want a Pass piece. I may take my Adcom and Nak pre into our local repair shop and see what it's going to cost to refresh them. Some of the dynamics seems to be missing except I can't figure if it's from the amp or pre-amp.

    Doug, maybe when Aaron is done with the Marsh I could use it for awhile to see if I have a pre or amp issue. Also my Adcom integrated in the office rig has a bad intermittent right channel. When it rains it pours :(
  3. dkg999
    Brock - no problem on using the Marsh. I still need to get the ELT525 monitors over to you so you can demo them. I don't have a rig to use the Marsh in at the moment, so I'm not in a big hurry to get it back in the audio closet!

    Yep, no restaurant is immune from the giving their customers food poisoning. It was just a little surprising. The main symptoms went away very quickly, I'm just feeling kind of run down at the moment.
  4. heiney9
    Probably bad mayo if I had to guess. Hey RAS, Pistol Pete is playing again next Friday at Big Cities................any takers? Not sure my buddy Chris can make it again but perhaps we can put something together to see him. If not he's there all the time.
  5. Ricardo
    Man, oh man, does it sound good. When I first powered it on I was thinking I'd probably be dissapointed and there wouldn't be much difference, but the damn thing does everything that I like about the ADCOM, and does a few things better. It seems to add some detail to the sound, while smoothing it out at the same time. Bass response is unbelievable.

    And only with 125 WPC. I just love to hear this.
  6. daboyz
    So buy the damn thing already. I'm in enough pain letting it go but the longer you give me the more time I have to reconsider.;)
  7. daboyz
    I'm going to have to put a hold on selling the Marsh. My neighbor was wanting to hear it with his Energy's so if Aaron didn't buy he may.I had my daughter and his daughter run to the house to get it. On the way back she slipped on the ice and it fell. It landed in the snow but now it wont power on.
    Thank god she's OK but I can't sell til it's fixed. If it costs a lot to fix then I'll be keeping it.

    Any ideas as to what could be wrong and cost? I'm really bummed becuse now I'll probably be putting my sale money to fixing than buying.
  8. SCompRacer
    I am glad the girls are OK Dave. Too bad about the amp. Pop the hood and have a look inside? Just don't touch anything.....
  9. dkg999
    Dave - I would check the fuses. I'm pretty sure there are a couple internally, if they aren't accessible from the back (I can't look because my Marsh seems to be on tour at the moment!). Glad your daughter is OK, that's a lot of weight to land on someone!
  10. Lowell_M
    Ouch. Glad your daughter is ok. Sorry about the amp, Dave. I guess I'm back on the hunt for one.

    Doug, Do you want me to bring your amp back to you, or should it make a pit stop at Brocks?

    Brock, I can't go this Friday, but I think Michele and I are planning to go on the 17th to Big Cities.
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