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  1. daboyz
    Have any of you guys gone to CD Source lately/ I was in there the other day and damn are they overpriced on everything. Three for $20 on both cd's and standard dvd's. Someone asked dude behind the counter how business was and he said "slow" and blamed it on ebay. I was about to tell him it's your effin' prices.

    Disc Replay on the other hand is pretty reasonable. Picked up The Patriot on blu ray for $8.99!! My favorite pawnshop is selling them for $10 each. Got 300 and Master and Commander there and survived!!!

    Great find Doug!!!
  2. heiney9
    I could probably get away for a bit, I have a new tube pre with a sh*tload of tubes :D. If anyone is interested in that too!

    Doug, don;t sell cd's short......there's room for both vinyl and cd's. I finally found the best tubes (so far) for the little HCT integrated. Finally rolled in the GE's made at the Blackburn plant in Britian. Woo wee, talk about HUGE soundstage and airy, soft, precise highs. I bet I don't find another pair for awhile.
  3. dkg999
    Brock - don't worry my two CDP's, PS Audio DAC, and about 600 CD's are here for the long haul! It's just amazing that when you don't listen to a piece of gear for a while then go back to it, what you hear and the renewed appreciation you have for it.

    If I could just get some of those Herbie's magic dots underneath the CDP I'm sure it would sound even better
  4. comfortablycurt
    Well...this weekend has been awesome. It was one of my favorite weekends of the year...the Willow Creek Folk Music Festival, in Stockton, IL.

    It's basically a big gathering of musicians, with an open stage for everyone. No big bands or anything...but some of the greatest musicians you'll ever hear in your life. There are usually around 1000 people there...and I'd say there were more than that this year.
  5. comfortablycurt
    I had an incredible guitar was basically an extension of my arms all weekend...aside from sleeping and eating, I barely put it down. I jammed with some amazing musicians...for a couple hours on Saturday night, we had a circle going with about 30 people. A few of us got going on a really cool jam, and before we knew it, we had a couple fiddle players, a banjo, a couple mandolins, a few other guitars, a stand up bass and a whole bunch of a bunch of other different instruments all joining in. It was truly awe inspiring watching some of these musicians...and amazing to be a part of it. Watching some of the people out there play really humbled me...I generally think that I'm a pretty good guitarist...but watching some of those guys play made me feel like a damn monkey playing with a stick...lmao

    The drawback my stereo sounds like complete trash because I've been listening to live acoustic music all
  6. LessisNevermore
    I have some plans on Sat., but could do something early. 10 to 1-ish.
    My place is still out for the time being, sorry guys. Let me know what you all want to do.
    I haven't had a LOT of time, but here are some preliminary observations about the ERC 1: It's very clear and analytical. I a/b'd it with my Pioneer DV563A. I did my best to level-match using a db meter. Initially, the ERC was 1-3 db hotter. On to the listening....

    I don't have many duplicate cd's, but managed to find a couple. Annie Lennox-Medusa, and AC/DC- High Voltage. I used the CD analog ins for the Emo, and the external 6ch. inputs for the Pioneer, Main sub was off.

    I didn't take any notes, as this was just a quick, down and dirty,get on with it kind of thing. (we had some place to go)

  7. comfortablycurt
    I just got word that the Acurus L10 shipped out today...I should be getting it in the next few days.:D

    Duell-Fire away with your thoughts on the Emo. I'm not too concerned about hearing other peoples thoughts on it before I demo it. I don't really think it's gonna alter my impressions of it.

    Also...I'm about 30 miles away from Byron. It's a pretty easy drive, basically straight down Route 2 all the way. LMK when you're ready to bring it out and I'll get you some directions.
  8. blakeh
    Just made a post in Russ's FS thread about my experience. I think it was respectful and not flamebait. I primarily wanted to let everyone (including Russ) know that I no longer want the item, but requested a refund. I don't want Russ to get on in a week and say "oh, I'm just sending that out today."

    We'll see how it goes.
  9. blakeh
    Curt- I think you'll really like the LM-10! Let us know what you think after you get a chance to get used to it.
  10. LessisNevermore

    The Pioneer really is an underrated player, decent enough that there is demand for aftermarket mods, and companies that do them. That said, you can hear the difference a newer DAC makes. The ERC is clearer in the highs and mids, much more forward than the Pio. It does so, to the detriment of the mid bass region, IMO. The mid bass info is still presented, but it clearly takes a back seat. With the wife at home, I couldn't check to see if higher volume brought things back into balance.

    The ERC gives the most realistic presentation of cymbals I've ever heard. It can (and has) taken some less than stellar recordings, and given them some life. You can polish a turd, just not every turd.:D

    I don't really have much more to offer, until I burn some demo cd's to further A/B. To be continued...
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