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  1. heiney9
    Dave, so sorry to hear about the audio casualty. I'm with Doug....check the fuses use a multi-meter because they don't always look bad by the naked eye. Glad the girls are fine, take it out of her allowance :D.......J/K!

    Aaron I'll put it on my calendar. It's a Saturday and Saturday's are always better for my buddy Chris as his store is closed on Sunday's so he can party longer than on Friday nights. I may just skip this Friday since the 17th is so close.

    Doug and Dave can you put the 17th on your schedule. It would be cool to have most of the RAS together for this. Of course any other "long" distance RAS member is always welcome.
  2. daboyz
    She felt terrible,it took a little while to get her to calm down. It was my fault,I was too damn lazy to go get it. I'm waiting on the neighbor, he says he knows somebody he worked with who would look at it for free and let me know the damage. I'll try to pop the hood myself tonight. Had a few drinks yesterday so I wasn't going to mess around with it.

    The 17th should be great for me. Saturdays are usually always good. I'm a member at the Lombardi on Madison. we could meet there and have a couple before going. The drinks are a helluva lot cheaper there.

    I must say I don't think I've ever gotten sick from an eatery,now a bar.......
  3. Lowell_M
    Doug.... I better just keep your amp until April so that I don't fall on the ice and break it. I'd feel a lot better that way. :) ........ok..... just kidding.
  4. heiney9
    Aaron, keep it as long as you want (within reason :)) I just need a 2nd amp to sort of trouble shoot my rig. So if you need more demo time keep it and perhaps we can make the exchange when we go see Pistol Pete on the 17th or whatever. Of course we need Doug's approval :p

    I won't be making any other large purchases until after tax time. Not sure how much I might have to pay after this crazy year. So I am officially out of the "Marsh" race until after April 15th.
  5. Lowell_M
    :) I don't need any more time with it. The less the better probably, or I'll go crazy trying to find one and get too used to the sound.

    I'll leave it up to Doug. If it doesn't matter to him, I'll get it to you when the 17th rolls around.

    Damn that amp sounds good. It's a little forward with the Signal I's but the Signal II's sound just right.
  6. daboyz
    Damn, with all the ball bustin' going on I feel like I'm on the Soprano's.:)
    Anyone else want to pile on?

    Nick gave me a hell of a deal on his maple Lsi9's. I told him to make me an offer I couldn't refuse, and he did. If they look half as good in person as they do in the pics then that's too cool.
  7. heiney9
    Dave........that's awesome! Those are really nice looking LSi's.
  8. Lowell_M
    Dave, Sweet! I wondered what those looked like in person. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see them. You want help carrying them into your house to keep them safe? (gotta admit, you deserve some friendly ball busting...right?)
  9. dkg999
    Aaron/Brock - no problem just taking the Marsh over to Brock's place. I'm trying to free up the 17th, but that's a kid weekend for me. I'll see what I can do.

    Rich - what time do you want me to arrive at your place on Saturday morning? PM me your addy again because I think I deleted the pm that had it in it.
  10. daboyz
    Well,there goes the Dodd.:( Maybe in a couple years when my rugrat is out of the house I'll find a way to build another 2 ch rig and put it in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I think I'll try to go another route away from what basically Doug has/had. I just can't help it though,he does have some damn good taste in gear.:D
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