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  1. Ricardo
    So what does one week of vacation go for these days on the black market?

    A week worth of pay?
  2. heiney9
    So the person buying gets one week (extra) unpaid. And is the pay at your rate or the person who's purchasing pay rate?
  3. Ricardo
    I sell "back" to the company; I don't take the vacations and get the extra week pay. We have to take (or lose) 4 weeks, and any weeks on top of that we can choose vacation or pay. We call it vacation sell so it sounded natural to me...
  4. LessisNevermore
    Duell, MIT's all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I prefer not to use eq......:p:p:D

    j/k (sort of) I might try some in the future, but I have a fundamental issue with knowingly putting something in the chain that deliberately alters the signal.
  5. heiney9
    Then you must not any cables whatsoever in your system. How do you know it doesn't do a better job of conveying the original signal vs. a Monoprice cable or Ben's cable? When you perfect not using cable at all let me know. Not sure why soooooooooo many people are against MIT.

    I guess be happy with your no bass small soundstage cables and I'll be happy with my awesome sounding, deep bass, wide soundstage MIT's. :D:D:p
  6. LessisNevermore
    Duell, WTF is cable reverting. I live in a revert free zone.

    That was the best description I could come up with....The Mono's sounded as ****ty as they did when new, but eventually settled down and are fairly decent.
    I used them for comparing the cdp's.
  7. LessisNevermore
    Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers.:o
    I'm not against them, never have been. I'm just very skeptical of their claims, and "points of articulation".(or anything I'm asked to accept on faith, because an explanation would reveal their 'trade secrets') On face value, that sure sounds like a frequency boost/cut somewhere. I may try them and love them, after all, everybody builds a better mousetrap, right?;)

    re: MIT vs. ben's/mono's....I'm not happy with either one, never said I was. I do like what the silver brings to the highs, but it pretty much ends there.
    The sound stage I get is great, but everything can be improved upon. And let's just say you don't want a bass war with me, mister....:p If I need a cable to bring bass to my rig, there's a problem.

    As an Emo owner, I'm the LAST guy to attack someone's brand choice for differences THEY hear, or freak out when they get defensive.
  8. heiney9
    I'm just having fun.........sorry if it came off the wrong way. We can poke fun at each other face to face tomorrow :D
  9. LessisNevermore
    Will do!

    What time tomorrow? (and thanks for hosting!)
  10. heiney9
    High noon!
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