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  1. SCompRacer

    Doug, er, I mean Yoda, hanging on the wall right now in my office LP picture frame is a Bad Co LP, Desolation Angels. It is a kewl looking cover. I have a couple more of their LP's, Bad Co and Straight Shooter, IIRC. The most noticed album cover I put in the LP frame is my Bongload pressing of Beck, Odelay. Somethin about that shag jumping the hurdle.

    The 13th would be all right too. I work into Saturday morning 5AM next week, so you'll just have to poke me with a sharp stick if I nod off.

    RCM's are da bomb... The only drawback with the VPI and Nitty Gritty's is they get hot with sustained cleaning. Some guys knock off for a brew every 7-10. Loricraft makes a sweetie of a RCM but they are major KaChing. I haven't got a reply from the local that posted the 16.5 on Audiogon. I sent my committment with very few views on the first day, and a follow up the next. No sale pending/sold on it yet.

    If you have room for daboyz, you can bring him along. I will make a case for him not to get into vinyl, just like I did for you.:D
  2. daboyz

    I haven't loaded a bong in over twenty years.;):(:D
  3. dkg999
    DaBoyz - that's also one of my favorite BadCo songs!

    Rich - Let's plan on the 14th so you're awake! If any of the other RAS homies want to ride along they can let me know.

    Finished the BadCo albums, the daughter is about half-asleep watching a movie in the other room, so I moved on to the new remastered 180g pressing of ZZ Tops Tres Hombres. After that will probably be a mint Weather Report album I found at the Salvation Army Store in Belvidere for $.50.
  4. dkg999
    I've never loaded a bong. We always just threw a bunch of good old Iowa ditchweed on the bonfire and got everyone downwind stoned!
  5. SCompRacer
    That Tres Hombres remaster is a good one, and one of my favs. I wanted to use La Grange for our wedding song. I loved going to ZZ Top concerts. Just seeing who attends is a show in itself.

    I decline to comment about bongs.:p:D But a Bongload Beck Odelay LP in fine shape with poster and Bongload sticker will set you back ~$50.

    Bring some music with you. My CD/SACD are scattered like the wind. I will have to build some kind of LP storage so we can find them too. This last year has sucked for me so the to do list got sheet canned. Starting another one this week....
  6. daboyz
    Yeah, I miss those days..........................

    We used to love loading 3 or 4 cans into the ol' beer bong back then,too.:D
  7. dkg999
    Paging Mr Brock ........ Pass Labs X350 in your own back yard!

    Ebay Item #380060996196
  8. heiney9
    Paging Mr Brock ........ Pass Labs X350 in your own back yard!

    Ebay Item #380060996196

    Thanks Doug I see it :). I'm looking at the Aleph 30 or Aleph J and I've even considered the X-150, not sure the "X" series is compatible with SDA's without the AI-1 cable. The X-350 will most likely be more than I'm willing to spend. If that amp goes for < $3500, I'd be surprised. Plus, it's so damn heavy they have to use freight rather than regular parcel shipping. Kind of like the Sanders amps.

    If you want to buy it for me as a house warming gift............:D
  9. dkg999
    If you bought that beast of an amp, I would provide free trucking services and an appliance cart to get it to your place and hauled up to your system :)
  10. heiney9
    Well if you are offering your services how about if I just get these?
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