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  1. SCompRacer
    I think most of them are TV tubes with strange designations.

    That is what I have run into on more than one occasion. If there are some usable tubes among oddballs, consider contacting Peter McAlister. He would be interested in numbers like 6FQ7, 6CG7, 6EA7 and horizontal output tubes like the 40KG6/EL504. Them are the ones with the top-cap anode connectors.
  2. Lowell_M
    I want to see Brock build an amp out of clothes hangars and TV tubes with jumper cables as speaker wires.

    Actually, I haven't seen Brock in a while and I'm kinda scared at the thought of walking in his appartment. With all the tubes he's bought.. I'm worried that there would be a potential to create an arc if you get too close to anything metal in his apartment and he would be walking around with a hat made of tubes and a faraday cage with a constant arc between two metal globes on the top. And that he may have developed a sinister grin and laugh or something..
  3. dkg999
    Blake - carefully consider whether you want to go down the vinyl path or not! I love it when it all comes together with a well mastered and quiet LP, but it's no small amount of work getting there, and the TT is only about 40% of the equation.

    That and I don't need anymore competition at the local flea market!
  4. blakeh
    I'm not looking to get into vinyl ASAP, but I'm always looking for a deal. I don't yet know what my friend wants for the Linn, but I will probably pass it up.
  5. SCompRacer
    That and I don't need anymore competition at the local flea market!


    Back to work after vaca last week. Don't this suck....
  6. SCompRacer
    A while back I mentioned how ModWright uses choke loading for his rectifier tube circuit versus capacitor loading, listing maybe one advantage. Brock's interest in tubes along with double getter rectifier tubes on the way nudged me to learn more about loading. Here are more advantages of choke loading:

    Transformer HV winding can be used up to specified maximum output power, instead of 66% derated value for capacitor load.

    Choke loaded circuits are almost a resistive load for the transformer, whereas capacitor loaded circuits cause impulsive load (with rattling noise).

    Longer rectifier life

    Less AC field radiation from the wiring

    Lower internal resistance of the output voltage, when above 1/3 of maximum output current. This will make the DC voltage independent of the current drawn, within 10%. Capacitor loaded rectifier circuits provide no load regulation, and drop the output voltage rapidly at higher current.

    No need to deal with transformer windings resistance
  7. Ricardo
    Sorry to hear you won't make it to Polkfest Rich. Will miss you.

    What about the rest? Is driving really something you guys would like to do?
  8. heiney9
    Still checking the calendar. Lots of things going on in November for me for some reason.
  9. Lowell_M
    I'm not going to be able to make it guys. Not that I've even made it to the local get togethers lately.... I'll be in Taiwan at that time anyway.
  10. SCompRacer

    Maybe Sami can join in this one to say it's free, but it really isn't or something like that.
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