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  1. dkg999
    The BJC banana plugs I have on my Canare S411 speaker cable work fine with the Marsh amp.
  2. Lowell_M
    I ordered some GLS connectors. I'll try the locking route.
  3. heiney9
    I ordered some GLS connectors. I'll try the locking route.

    FYI, not that it matters.........but Ben's cables have the GLS locking 'nanners and I hate them. Partly because the speaker terminals on both my amp and SDA's are fairly close together and it's a PITA to turn the collars to get them to set properly. Plus, 2 of the GLS were non-working. They will not stay in place when fully collapsed. I hope you have better luck:)
  4. Lowell_M
    Thanks Brock. I ordered 8 for $20. If I don't like em, I'll sell them on the fm. I looked at the BJC website and the bannanas on there look like what I have. Not sure why they are so loose. I had them connected to my LSi's and spades on the other end, but the spades don't fit the Marsh, so I turned the cable around.
  5. daboyz
    Aaron - I don't remember for sure but I'm leaning towards the BJC's. I'd have to see them to know for sure but they may have been the Monoprice ones I had for awhile. The MIT's are about the same way as far as getting them on and off. My MIT speaker cables are spade to spade and they don't fit the 9's so I'm tempted to sell and get a set of the EXP's in the FM. He's got a pretty good price on them.
  6. daboyz
    One more thing - Ya'll ready to excommunicate me yet? I know my buying and selling habits have been pretty wild and I really think I'm finally doing the right thing in having just one set up. Now,becoming happy with that setup may be the next interesting thing. I'm pretty close to having enough to get the Lsi7's so really my next thing will probably be a good HT receiver and maybe tweaking cables here and there.

    I'm OK with having the Marantz CDP as my source and selling off all that gear. I am missing the Dodd though. Sometime down the road I'll build another 2CH that will have a place in my home where I can sit and enjoy it. Right now I don't and it really sucked to only be able to listen every once in awhile and it usually wasn't when I really wanted to.

    That's it for my rambling.
  7. SCompRacer
    I know my buying and selling habits have been pretty wild

    I say rock on, brother RAS member.;)

    Sorry about the Dodd.
  8. dkg999
    Dave - the Dodd ELP's are a fantastic little pre, but there are lots of good pre's out there when you build another system. At least you came over to the tube side and are ahead of some of the other RAS slackers I just acquired some really good tubes for my ELP (in addition to the 3 sets of really nice tubes I already had for it :o ) so it's staying for a while.

    Brock - do you still want to play with the AV123 ELT535 mini-monitors? If you do I'll try to drop them off sometime Saturday if you're home.

    I need to pick up some spade connectors that fit the LSi's so I can finish my AudioQuest Type 4 speaker cables. I discovered the Type 4 has two different sized wires, so you can't really split them up to do a bi-wire type connection. Some people do, but after talking to AQ, it's not recommended. So I need to put spades to connect to the LSi speaker, then make jumpers out of the same cable using banana connectors.
  9. heiney9
    Dave, Your selling gear to simplify and now you want to sell the MIT's for more expensive MIT's? Do yours have the Iconn connectors? If so, let me know I can turn you on to a web site that sells the MIT 'nanners cheaper than MIT and they are factory new. See now you can keep what you have. I bought from him and his service was outstanding.......not to mention the ends were brand spanking new!!!
  10. daboyz
    I'll have to cut the jacket to find out. I suppose I could always reterminate myself.
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