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Rockford Audio Society

  1. daboyz
    Chump change,man. Go for it!!!:D
  2. dkg999
    Sorry, I would need a bigger truck to go get those! Nice amps though!
  3. SCompRacer
    Roger had one of those 160's on his used gear page. He wasn't asking much less for it than the ad you posted... It must be mighty nice to have a benefactor with pickup & delivery service Brock.:D

    His used page usually has some interesting gear.
  4. heiney9
    Doug and Rich, I'd love to make the trip. I need to see where I am packing wise by next weekend. Saturday the 13th is out for me as I have a prior commitment.

    Rich, I can dream of owning a pair of XA-160's. Not sure I could pay that much for one part of my audio rig.
  5. anonymouse
    Thanks for the invitation guys.
  6. heiney9
    Welcome, I'm still enjoying your SDA 1C's which i got from Norm.
  7. LessisNevermore
    Thanks for the invite!
  8. daboyz
    Well,there goes the neighborhood...................;):D

    Welcome all!!!
  9. SCompRacer
    I get pains in my chest just thinking about moving..... Brock, how far away is your move?

    Welcome to the new folks!

    I miss my buddy Norm. :( His mom and sisters were going to give me his system, computer, or anything I wanted of his. Including his collection of Warner Brothers Looney Tunes limited edition prints. I explained to them how much that two channel gear is worth, and the sisters reconsidered. Sounds like it is going to South Dakota with that killer Panosonic Plasma of his.

    I did take my favorite picture, the Mel Blank Lithograph Speechless.

    Oh well, grief therapy over.

    I am actually building something to house LP's Doug. If it don't come out too bad, you might see it when you visit. I have definitely lost some woodworking skills....and it could make the burn pile instead.
  10. daboyz
    I bet that lithograph is worth ten times what that system would ever be worth to you...............
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