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  1. dkg999
    Has anybody noticed it seems to be a lot safer here in our own little forum Everytime I go through the messages in the main forum I keep thinking I accidently logged into AudioAsylum!
  2. daboyz
    I think you've got the"Asylum" part correct!!:D I have Ben pm'ing me asking if I think there is some kind of conpiracy going on. Is it just me or is Doro no fun anymore? He used to joke around and have a lot of fun.
  3. Ricardo
    I need to agree that the forum is less than fun these days. But this happens from time to time. Now, here, I need to catch up with 5 pages of postings you guys made in just a couple days.....:)
  4. dkg999
    I think Mark is pretty busy with Polk Audio business and is most likely the main organizer for PolkFest 2008. I don't think there's any conspiracies going on. Just in case there is, over on we have a special right now on custom made tinfoil hats!

    For some reason it just seems the forum went weird a week or so ago. I'm sure there will be some good discussion about it among the attendees at PolkFest.
  5. Ricardo
    Damn; this is getting fu(king crazy. I feel like going back to that HIFI forum to let some steam out. Has any of you guys seen what the ratboy has been posting there?????
  6. dkg999
    Nope I haven't visited the other forum for a while! I'll have to drop back in and catch up!
  7. SCompRacer
    I haven't been back to that.......hifi forum in quite a while. Has Ron found a home?

    Autumn is a mosaic season that drives folks nutty. I know my allergies go haywire this time of year. Does that make any sense? Does it have to? Should we all stop making sense? I was listening to Talking Heads today....

    Got two of the four GIK Tri Traps in today. They help eat up the bass loading in the corners with the South Wall setup. I still kinda like the West wall setup better, well away from the corners.
  8. dkg999
    Rich - I'll respond to your pm soon! The TrippLite unit just showed up .... along with the lovely lady who brought it ....... who needs some attention ......... so I be outta here!
  9. SCompRacer
    Doug, most definitely, priorities.:D
  10. heiney9
    The forum is going thru it's usual end of summer freak out. Too bad it's happening so close to PF. Yes, it will give us something to talk about. I was doing so well not responding to CL but for some reason I started posting a few things forgetting how dense he is and his ultimate goal.

    Looking forward to coming over Rich, anything I can bring? If I have time I'll dig out some demo music I'm familiar with to throw at your rig at some point. I don't have a beer preference so get whatever you want.

    Doug, I cleaned out my PM box so send me the details when you can. I can meet you at your place if it's easier to leave from there, let me know. Rich, I'll bring my checkbook just in case :p. You never know what you might want to part with-LOL. Looking forward to this as it's been awhile since male audio bonding.
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