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  1. daboyz
    Thank God Brock hasn't seen the FM yet, someone save me.:D

    The B&k's are tempting. Need for a three channel amp so suggestions are welcome. Could almost be tempted with an Emotiva. Hell,around here I could turn around and sell it for three times what I paid for it.;):D
  2. heiney9
    No comment sure are a fickle SOB. You haven't any of the stuff you sold off long enough to really.......and I mean really evaluate it. :)

    Another Adcom defector...........Honestly, and I haven't spent much trouble free time with the Marsh, there isn't a whole lot of difference between it and my 545. Certainly not enough to justify double the cost. The Marsh is a very nice amp but there are lots of "nice" amps at that price point.

    Hopefully when I get the hum/hiss issues solved we can get down to some real listening :D

    Yeah, Dave get an Emotiva, I dare you...............I double dog dare you. Then you'll be wanting the Adcom back
  3. daboyz
    No,I'm not going to Emotiva.;) The 545 is another in the line of the simplification,that's all. I know it's a great amp but it's just collecting dust in the basement.Also,I'm not going to push the envelope on the 7400 too hard. If I can find a good three channel or 5 channel on the cheap that someone has to get rid of,great. I want to try something different.

    It's not a defection,just a detour.

    Unfortunately,I must sell to buy.
  4. Lowell_M
    Hi folks! Right now I am happy in ADCOM glory. This morning I finally got my 2-channel rig out of its christmas position (jammed in the corner to make room for the tree), connected the Signal Analog II's I won on the forum and put the locking GLS nanners on my speaker cable, and I'll tell you what... I think that the bass extension I like from the Marsh might have been partially due to the Signal Analog II's. Or maybe the rig just sounds so incredibly better because it is back in the right place. I really don't care either way I'm back in audio nirvana.

    CAn't wait to hear that Emotiva amp, Dave.
  5. Lowell_M
    Ricardo, I'm going to mess around with a meter this weekend in the HT and if the settings are even close I'm going to call H/K. I'm having another weird problem anyway. The video output keeps shifting between HDMI and Component when changing channels on TV. It doesn't seem to matter if its HD content or SD.
  6. heiney9
    Yeah Dave.........just giving you some sh*t. I have no system right now. The DAC for office rig needs the controls cleaned........I have no DeOxit so I have to run to Rat Shack today. The main rig (Dodd, Adcom, Marsh) is awaiting some cables and a power conditioner. No audio bliss here.......................waiting for the Aleph on Monday
  7. Lowell_M
    Brock - So the show wasn't as good last night? Do you know what Pete plays there again?
  8. daboyz
    I watched Joe Bonamassa "Live at the Rockpalast" last night. Holy moses he is good. Recommend it to you guys to check out.

    Brock - I'm used to being the little whuppin' boy around here,no worries.:D

    The Emotiva is on its way!!!;)
  9. Lowell_M
    Brothers in Arms is a freaking awesome song. I can't believe I waited so long to get my rig back into regular listening position and left it jammed in the corner. Been cranking tunes all day. Listened to Brothers in Arms a few times and various volumes and the Private Investigations HDCD mastering is unbelievable.
  10. dkg999
    Sometimes we get a little too hung up on whether the Marsh is really twice as good as the Adcom because it might cost more, or whether a tubed pre is better than a SS pre, or whether this is better than that. System synergy is the most important of all, regardless of what components or brand names are involved. Always remember we 1) listen to music, 2) on the hi-fi.
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