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  1. daboyz
    Brock - It's magic!:)

    Aaron - You got the Rotel,what in the world would you want with my piece of crap Marantz?
  2. dkg999
    I wonder if the Marsh amp isn't really sensitive to ground hum/loops? The ground might be bad on the power cord I sent over? I just hadn't had that problem with the Dodd in any of the applications I've had it in. I've had ground hum problems before, and it's always a pain in the ass to track them down!

    So, the Aleph, give us something man!
  3. Lowell_M
    I was talking to Ricardo. ... I'm just frustrated with the 247. I had really high hopes for it and it is letting me down bigtime. Still haven't heard from tech support, but suppose I will tomorrow.

    Brock, where you at brotha? Did the cooling fins on that thing suck you in or something?
  4. Ricardo
    Tubes, no hum, Class A......We lost him!!!!!
  5. dkg999
    Yep, he's too good for us now! I'll give it a week and then send out a search party to see if I can get my gear back!

    Spinning now - Hot Tuna - Live at the New Orleans House, Berkeley - RCA LSP-4353. If you like acoustic blues folk fusion look for this LP. I picked it up out of the $1 bin because I thought it looked interesting. Incredible dynamics and very well recorded! Pretty amazing string bass track!
  6. daboyz
    We know where he lives.......

    That sucks about the 247. I wouldn't give up on the HK's,just the refurbs. I'm talking to Nick about his 254 but it sounds like he's keeping it. You could go the Amazon or J&R for the 254 for under $400 shipped.
  7. Lowell_M
    Wait a minute.. didn't he say that amp had a flux capacitor? he might end up in one of our driveways in a Delorean! Sweet! I hope its me.
  8. heiney9
    I am pretty much speechless.....................I will be buried with this amp!!!!!

    The soundstage is absolutely spectacular. The depth is astounding and the air and separation is almost unreal around the instruments. This is one helluva truthful amp.

    I am listening to Paul Simon Live In Central Park with all the world musicians up on stage about 12-15 different things going and it's like they are right in front of me. I've been startled a few times by some tribal drums that are right there in front of me. The microdynamics are to die for. I have it playing very low and you don't miss a single thing...........even the bass.

    It actually mates quiet well with the Dodd............George Daniel's in FM is looking pretty tempting. I want to wait and get the NAK back and see.

    This sucker gets hot . Can't touch the heat sinks for more than about 2-3 seconds.

    I am just amazed
  9. Lowell_M
    Awesome! Can't wait to hear it.
  10. dkg999
    Wow, maybe I should run the expensive tubes for the Dodd over to him

    Brock - glad you're enjoying it!
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