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  1. heiney9
    George's Dodd is real's like I'm on crack or something right now. LOL. Feel free to give me a call and stop over. Bring some of your favorite music.

    I literally have been sitting on the couch with my eyes closed drifting off into my own little world.
  2. heiney9
    All I can say is I was a little worried this amp either wouldn't live up to the universal praise it has gotten or wouldn't be a good fit in my system. Granted the NAK is still in for repair but this thing has surpassed all my expectations. Certainly I need to spend more time with it with a variety of music......................but I promise I won't tell Cathy you don't need 200 wpc to get most out of your system :)
  3. Lowell_M
    Congrats on the amp. Glad is it working out well. How do the Eagles sound on it?
  4. SCompRacer
    Hot Tuna

    And you always wondered where some former members of Jefferson Airplane went. We had one of their covers in the Album Cover Game....I got it.

    So we have come class in the RAS now?:D Glad to hear you are in audio nirvana Brock. Njoy.
  5. comfortablycurt
    OK - the Cambridge,Rti's and the Adcom, my bust.

    So Dave, are you sure there's nothing else you'll be selling soon that I should be aware of?'s? Car's? C'mon...what else ya got?:p:p
  6. comfortablycurt
    So I spent the better part of this afternoon rearranging my living room/listening area. I was getting a lot of corner loading, plus a really annoying echo off the walls behind my listening area.

    I put them along the longer wall...and I was able to get the speakers much closer together. The corner loading is gone...the echo off the back walls is gone, and my soundstage is vastly improved. I hadn't even noticed it before...but there was a lot of separation between the two channels before...but now that they're at a more appropriate distance from each other...WOW!!

    My bass response has gotten much tighter, especially in the upper bass's a lot punchier sounding than it was before. The stereo imaging is much improved now as well...the two channels sound seamless now.

    I'm pretty happy with the results...especially for the price.;)
  7. Ricardo
    Brock, you'll better hurry up if you want George's Dodd; I've been eyeballing it myself. I'm a bit impulsive so who knows what can happen.

    Glad you like the amp; I know the feeling while you wait for a new piece of gear....will it match with my system? Is it as good as people say? Will it read CD's??? :)
  8. SCompRacer
    Someone buy the Dodd!
  9. heiney9
    The Dodd is very tempting............I have to wait until I get the NAK back and give it a listen. Even if I sell the NAK it still has to be fixed so that would probably be a wash if I sold it.....perhaps I'd make a little money over and above the repair cost.

    Right now even though I'm "working" there is no guarantee I'll keep getting work so that would really put a strain on the budget after buying the Aleph. I'm still thinking on it :(.

    Ricardo, your situation is certainly weird with the cdp not reading certain redbook cd's. Have you done any research on the 'net to see if there is a typical problem like that with your unit? I'm sure it's extremely frustrating.

    One last thing..........this Aleph is like brand new. I can't find a scratch, scuff or mark anywhere on it. Csmgolf on Audiogon is a solid seller if you ever run across him. He has a feedback rating of almost 400. Great seller!!!

    Curt, placement is everything...........glad your digging your new speakers.
  10. heiney9
    One of the reasons I'm holding back on the Dodd is eventually my plan is to get one of these which will take the place of a pre-amp and DAC. I can't afford one at the moment but this is what I'm working towards.

    They also make a newer version (NM24) which also has a SS Dac output as well as the tube output. My bro has one adn I'm trying to get it over here for a weekend demo, especially compare it to the Dodd.
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