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Rockford Audio Society

  1. LessisNevermore
    Good morning gents!

    Just got home yesterday from hanging out at LaSalle station. I expect to be home for a while, so if there are any plans for a get-together between now and April, please let me know when, where, and what I can bring. (besides the XPA-5):D

    Apologies for not having posted in here much, work has been keeping me out of town, and busy.
  2. daboyz
  3. Ricardo
    Dude, get the Dodd.
  4. heiney9
    Dude, get the Dodd.

    Why.......................? So you don't have to! :).
  5. Ricardo
  6. Lowell_M
    You guys are starting to make ME want to get the DODD. Buy it, Ricardo, you know you want to.
  7. Ricardo
    Beer, Dodd, Dude!
  8. Ricardo
    I don't need it.
    I run balanced
    I don't have any decent RCA's
    It does not have a remote.
  9. Ricardo
    It could be a great option for the M7's rig.
    But I have not setup this rig yet.
    Because I need a source.
    I have to get a cheap source.
  10. Ricardo
    I should go do some work now. Just realized posting here doesn't count for post count.
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