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  1. dkg999
    If it kills rabbits and voles, put me down for one

    You really underestimate the power and fun of C4 explosives. Dynamite is OK, but it's for casual explosives users, not for serious work. And if you use a good power cable for your actuator and silver cables from your actuator to the detonator, the explosion will be smoother and the blast wave more uniform and not leave dead spots (well there will be dead spots actually :D) in the kill zone. Will the rabbits and voles be able to tell a difference? Well we don't really care do we. You can't kill them too dead
  2. SCompRacer
    Damn, Doug.....I'm afraid to be seen outside in the hood with a pellet gun pistol. I guess with remote detonated C4 I can deny having anything to do with it...:D
  3. Ricardo
    How exactly do you get into that line of work? Do you just wake up one day and decide that you want to start a dog doo removal service?

    That might be an excellent business proposition. Those guys will be rich.
  4. dkg999
    That might be an excellent business proposition. Those guys will be rich

    Maybe they will start a website called Doogle!

    I'm here all week folks!
  5. daboyz
    Doug - Keep your day job.;)

    A2 - I'll put it up for you for a small fee.............:D

    Ricardo - I have a Mitsu 65" DLP and it's great with the new bulb. I think the old bulb was defective because the new one looks so much better. Replacement bulb is $100 plus shipping which basically gives you a brand new TV. We got it for $1099 and it's great IMHO. PM me if you want any more info.
  6. LessisNevermore
    Still loving my DLP......though it might need another bulb before too long.

    Anyone free Sat. night? After I get off work, I'll be headed to Kryptonite bar to see this chick. Straight-ahead rock. She's not hard on the eyes, and is a sweetheart. She's Meatloaf's daughter.

    Anyhoo, if any of youse guys got nothing going, and want to hang out for a know where I'll be. I won't be out too late, because I'll be heading there after working 12 hours, and have to work on Sun.:(
  7. daboyz
    You buying?:D
  8. comfortablycurt
    Duell-Sounds like a good time! My day tomorrow is all tied up though. I'm spending basically the whole day hiking out at Franklin Creek State Park with this REALLY cute girl named Danielle. She and I have sort of "dated" before, so if tomorrow pans out well, it should be a great night.;)

    How would next weekend be for you as far as snagging up the Techcraft racks? I might be able to manage something during the week too, if that's better for you.

    How much longer are you going to be in Byron? If we can't figure it out soon, maybe I'll just take a trip out to your place sometime. I'd love to get my ears on your multichannel LSi setup anyway.:)

    I lost your phone number(again), but if you give it to me(, I can give you a ring sometime in the next couple days to work out the details.
  9. comfortablycurt
    Do any of you guys still have a spare Dared MP5 tube integrated? I know several of you guys bought one, after Brock's glowing experiences with his. I've been realizing lately that a lot of my critical listening is done at my computer, especially later at night. All I've got for audio here is a cheap Boston Acoustics powered sub/sat combo. It's not bad...but could definitely stand to be MUCH better.

    I'm thinking an MP5, an affordable DAC and a decent pair of 2 way bookshelves with 5.25" woofers.

    This probably won't happen for a little while yet...but hopefully I can get some better audio at my PC before too much longer.
  10. F1nut
    Ricardo, I don't care what Al Ballard said about you, you're a good man. Personally, I'd want my speakers back.

    Noel just never seemed to get a break, although I believe he brought much of it on himself. Hopefully life will improve for him.
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