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  1. heiney9
    People are NUTS!!! I can't believe what people will ask for stuff on Ebay. Granted these are pretty rare tubes especially NOS w/boxes but this made me laugh. I have two pairs of these barely used no boxes and I didn't pay anywhere near this, not even close.

    This guy is smoking crack!!! These typically sell for $299-399/pr. NOS in boxes.

    It's the best 12AT7 along with the Valvo Hamburg 6201 gold-pin (I have 3 pairs of those) PERIOD.........but this is just nuts!!
  2. dkg999
    Some guy from Rockford was buying a bunch of tubes and drove the entire market up!
  3. heiney9
    I think you're thinking of the guy in Ohio with a pre-amp that takes like 9 tubes at a time!
  4. ALL212
    Anyone have an opinion or used the Grado PH1 phono stage??
  5. ALL212
    Dave - if you'd like to borrow the pre - I'm home pretty much any evening but will be leaving Rockford on Saturday and not home until late Monday.
  6. daboyz
    A2 - I'm thinking this weekend will be bad for me so if he wants it now that's fine. I'll catch it on the flip side.

    On a side note I've been seriously thinking about getting a pair of Totem's. I've always wanted a pair but the Polk's seem to keep getting in the way.;) I'd like to stay in the $600 range so I'm thinking Rainmakers.
  7. dkg999
    Dave - make sure you have the ability to place the Rainmakers (or any Totem speaker) with the optimal spots in the room. They are very picky on placement. They are absolutely fantastic speakers, but need to be driven and placed with care.
  8. daboyz
    In other words,I'm probably in a bad situation house wise to get these?

    Anyone watching my girl Shania on Idol? I LOVE that girl. HOT!!!!!
  9. dkg999
    Dave - you need a mancave, then no problems! We can punch a hole in your east basement wall and start tunnelling underneath the backyard
  10. heiney9
    I agree with Doug if your intention is to put the Totems in the basement, save your money. You won;t be happy with them until you get the basement finished.
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